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Sustainable packaging alternatives. See this and other fascinating projects on display in the Designs for a Cooler Planet main exhibition in Marsio on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024.
PackAge minor brings together students across disciplines to work on real-life projects.

Developing a novel material is one thing; coming up with potential use for it is another.

In the Aalto Pack-Age minor, students across disciplines collaborated on real-world projects to develop sustainable packaging solutions. They gained insights into materials, production processes and market demand to come up with viable applications for novel materials. The results on display demonstrate how packaging design can have impacts that extend beyond the product and packaging, balancing functionality and aesthetics in a way that solve real problems and enhance usability while being better for the environment.

Projects on display

Team Woamy developed a luxurious package fit for handling delicate items, such as glass.


Team Woamy developed a proof-of-concept prototype using foamwood, a sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable cellulose-based material. The prototype highlights the qualities of the material in handling delicate items, such as glass, and demonstrates a combination of innovative material, beautiful design and sustainability in luxury packaging.


Matleena Liukkonen, Lahti Institute of Design
Nea Paavola, Aalto ARTS
Jenni Rimpiläinen, Lahti Institute of Design
Prem Sankaran, University of Helsinki
Sara Spadinger, Aalto ARTS

Team Metsä Board combined fibre-based packaging and thoughtful design to fill in gaps in the pet food packaging market.

Lellikki (Metsä Board)

Team Metsä Board fills in gaps in the pet food packaging market, which currently lacks sustainable alternatives. The fibre-based packaging combined with thoughtful design serves as an example of how enhancing user experience and developing sustainable solutions can go together.


Katariina Angerla, Aalto CHEM
Beatriz De M. Figueiredo, Lahti Institute of Design
Sanni-Karoliina Louko, University of Helsinki
Erika Onishi, Aalto ARTS
Sanni Rautio, Lahti Institute of Design

Team Paptic created packaging, brand and product – silent menstrual pad, Serene.

Serene (Paptic)

Team Paptic developed a silent menstrual pad using a soft, textile-like paper material. Taking advantage of the material’s properties, they aimed to surpass rather than replace the original material, plastic. Their design extended from product to packaging and branding to form a coherent whole balancing functionality and aesthetics to meet end-used needs.


Lilo Molin, Aalto ARTS 
Viveka Natri, University of Helsinki
Vita Potočnik, Aalto ARTS 
Kristina Vasileva, Lahti Institute of Design 
Puck Verbeek, University of Einhoven/Exchange student

Kuva: Sonya Mantere

Pack-Age: a rich heritage of boundary-breaking design

Pack-Age, Aalto University's packaging design minor subject, is celebrating its twelfth anniversary as a developer of innovative packaging solutions. Originally launched in 2011, the course has grown into a multifaceted platform that combines student insights, diverse resources and an experimental design environment with challenges from industry.



Designs for a Cooler Planet

This fall, the festival celebrates innovative and collaborative designs addressing the impossible sustainability challenges. Experience tomorrow in Otaniemi on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024!

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