Cybersecurity skills for Europeans

Learn to safely navigate in the digital world. See this and other fascinating projects on display in the Designs for a Cooler Planet main exhibition in Marsio on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024.
Screenshots of a cybersecurity game.

As our lives increasingly bleed into the digital world, cyber threats become much more than phishing emails, odd text messages and suspicious links. In today’s interconnected world, cyber security is not only individual, but also societal and global concern.

We all need the ability to securely navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. The Cyber Citizen initiative lowers the threshold of learning about cybersecurity through a game providing an engaging way to learn crucial skills and a portal offering centralised knowledge for all. Through education, awareness and interactive tools, the project wants to make the internet safer for Europeans.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

This fall, the festival celebrates innovative and collaborative designs addressing the impossible sustainability challenges. Experience tomorrow in Otaniemi on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024!

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Wood crystals on a black fabric.
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