Huoju-A – a multi-sensory wooden pavilion

Discover a dynamic pavilion, crafted with reclaimed Wood Program materials for mobility, versatility and an enchanting sound environment.
HuojuA pavilion photo
Image by Anne Kinnunen.

Explore the multisensory pavilion in the Alvarin Aukio park behind the Undergraduate Centre. It is located next to the traffic circle of Otaniementie and Vuorimiehentie in the southwest corner. 

William Le Gresley working on wooden sculpture
William Le Gresley contributes to the model used for the design and construction of the pavilion.

Our team

This project is designed and built by the Wood Program 2023-2024.

Students: Ikuyo Tanabe, Kim Gygax, Yuki Arima, William Le Gresley, Fraser Plaxton, Mariia Ilina, Yi-Hua Wang, Adam Smith, Lennart Huybrechts and Daniel Wolberg.  

Instructors: Pekka Heikkinen, professor (professor of practice) of Wood Architecture, Department of Architecture; Laura Zubillaga, university teacher, Department of Architecture; Jaakko Torvinen, studio instructor, Department of Architecture.

Invited visitor consultant: Mauri Konttila.

The wooden outdoor pavilion is designed for 1-25 people to create a changing and multi-sensory environment for different events. 

Huoju|a| logo

Huoju|a| (external link)

A nomadic timber pavilion enlivening your senses.

Wood crystals on a black fabric.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

The festival returns to Otaniemi this fall, 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024, revealing how we can change the world.

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