Magnificent materials

Material literacy as an antidote for climate anxiety. See this and other fascinating projects on display in the Designs for a Cooler Planet main exhibition in Marsio on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024.
Transparent materials made out of wood
Photo: Esa Kapila

Do you consider the origins and afterlife of the everyday materials you use? We often take them for granted.

Magnificent materials builds important material literacy. These prototypes are examples of 17 experiments from a new book that inspires children – and adults– to explore chemistry, materials science, art and design in an engaging way and with their own hands, in their own kitchen. Experimenting with bio-based materials is a learning experience that also provides sense of agency that eases climate anxiety – we can all do something, no matter how small.

Photo: Artistic paper sample

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center

To achieve human wellbeing in planetary boundaries, we need new sustainable solutions to wisely use our natural resources. The Bioinnovation Center especially focuses on innovations in sustainable bio-based materials, with special focus on textiles and packaging.

kuvassa kahdet kädet levittävät läpinäkyvää limaa punaista taustaa vasten

CHEMARTS - Inspiration for Material Enthusiasts (external link)

Biomaterials are the best options as we seek more sustainable ways for our current world of materials.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

This fall, the festival celebrates innovative and collaborative designs addressing the impossible sustainability challenges. Experience tomorrow in Otaniemi on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024!

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Wood crystals on a black fabric.
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