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Represent Aalto as a student ambassador

Aalto students visit general upper secondary schools (‘lukio’) and other upper-secondary-level education institutions to talk about the Aalto University degree programmes, student life and their personal experiences of studying at Aalto. Here you can find information on the Aalto student ambassadors’ tasks as well as the related instructions and materials.
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Aalto student ambassadors

Aalto student ambassadors are Aalto students who visit Finnish upper secondary schools to talk about studying at Aalto, the degree programmes offered, student life, as well as career opportunities after graduation. Visits are organised all around Finland at schools, garrisons, and various events, either on site or online. Presentations may take place also on the Aalto campus, where they can be combined to a tour of the campus. The student ambassadors represent all three fields of education at Aalto: economics and business administration, art and design, and technology.

To become a student ambassador, you need to take an online course organised by Admission Services, after which you will be contacted by Admission Services when a presentation by a student ambassador is needed. As a student ambassador, you can also contact upper secondary schools yourself and offer to give them a presentation.

General upper secondary schools (‘lukio’) and other upper secondary schools may contact Aalto University Admission Services to request for a presentation to be given at a time of their choice.

Why become an Aalto student ambassador?

  • You will gain some extra income and work experience.
  • You will become a more experienced and confident public speaker.
  • You get to share your experience-based expertise with an engaged audience.
  • You can help young people find a field of study that intrigues them.
  • Your presentation will encourage different types of people to apply to degree programmes in technology, art and design, and economics and business administration. This way, you will promote equality and diversity in education.
  • You will help Aalto University attract the most brilliant and creative minds!

Want to become an Aalto student ambassador? Take part in the student ambassador training!

Student ambassador training has been renewed in Autumn 2023. You may now do the training whenever it suits you as a MyCourses course (Aalto-yliopiston infoilijakoulutus). You can accomplish the course anytime during the year and no separate registration is needed. It takes about 1,5 to 2 hours to complete the course. The training is available in Finnish and Swedish.

In the training, you'll get to know the practices of being a student ambassador as well as the contents of the Aalto presentation given by the student ambassadors, including the Aalto fields of education, application procedures and various topics related to studying. You'll also get an opportunity to think what you want to tell about your own experience at Aalto. The training includes tips and guidance on the presentation event as well.

At the end of the training, you will leave your contact information so that we can add you to our Student ambassador mailing list and offer you opportunities to represent Aalto as a student ambassador.

Are you already a trained Aalto student ambassador? Please read the below instructions.

  1. Check your email in case of offers for student ambassador duties.
  2. Think about schools that might have suitable audiences for a presentation about Aalto and check with the Admission Services to see if the school is available. Wait for a confirmation that the school has been reserved for you.
  3. Contact the school and agree on a schedule with them.
  4. Email the Admission Services to inform them of the date and duration of your presentation.
  5. If needed, consult this page for guidelines on giving an online presentation.
  6. Download the student ambassador presentation from this page and go through it.
  7. Give an inspiring presentation!
  8. Make sure that the teacher or student counsellor fills in their feedback form.
  9. Fill in the student ambassadors’ feedback and remuneration form. 
  10. Keep an eye on your email. Aalto's payment system automatically sends a request to add your personal data form and tax card to the system.

If the personal data form and tax card are not submitted to the system within 30 days, the payment will be cancelled. The request will not be sent if your attachments are already in the system. In that case you do not need to deliver them again.

You need to return the feedback and remuneration form separately for every presentation you give.

Note: The presentations shall not be recorded on video.



You can download the official presentation for Aalto University 2022–2023 in English, Finnish, and Swedish below. It provides a good overview of Aalto, especially for those interested in Aalto’s bachelor’s programmes.

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Please note that the information on this page concerns only students on the Otaniemi campus. The Mikkeli campus has its own practices in this respect.


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