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Accessible Aalto

Recognising and removing barriers is an on-going process requiring everyone’s input.
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Accessible Aalto

Accessibility is for all at Aalto University

Aalto University strives towards being an accessible, safe and healthy university where research, teaching and services are accessible for all. Recognising and correcting barriers is an on-going process requiring everyone’s input. In accordance with the implementation plan for accessibility the accessibility work of the university  is handled in a decentralised manner as follows:

  • At university level, we provide the basic services set forth in the university strategy and give advice to six schools, which decide the services of their units independently.
  • In addition, we also safeguard possibilities for creative work and interaction and for the development of university activities.
  • Safe, healthy and accessible operation environments are designed, renovated and constructed on the Otaniemi campus to serve the entire Aalto community.
  • The six schools develop and support the accessible operating culture as defined in the strategy by following up on the progress of its implementation.
  • At the levels of departments, degree programmes and units, equal opportunities to participate in studying, research and teaching are ensured. 

An accessible operating culture is created by adhering to the following principles:

  • Accessibility is developed proactively rather than reactively only after problems have arisen in the process.
  • Each member of the community has the right to report any barriers identified and suggest a change in the operating culture.
  • Equality is promoted continuously in all operations 
  • Open discussion strengthens positive attitudes and enhances expertise, which helps us solve everyday challenges.
  • We follow the principles of sustainable development, meaning that accessibility is in line with research knowledge and with the tacit knowledge of the community and also justifiable in the different assessments of our operations. 

Training, advice and studying on accessible operations all efficiently has been decentralised to different units. Please contact the Learning Services of your school if you would like to receive additional information or to participate in the accessibility work in practice. The LES service desk of each school will guide, instruct and advise in accessibility matters in more detail. 

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