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We offer multidisciplinary academic summer courses for undergraduate students. Deep-dive into current disruptive topics, update your knowledge, gain international networks and get a taste of Aalto University's world-class future-led and challenge-based learning methods this summer.
A group of Aalto University Summer School students during a welcome picnic in the park outside Aalto University campus.
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Aalto University Summer School's undergraduate summer courses have something to offer for everyone. The courses are tailor-made for students working towards a bachelor's degree, lifewide learners and working professionals from any discipline or nationality.

We strive to create an international and multidisciplinary atmosphere in all our courses. At Summer School, we believe that letting students work together to apply their new skills leads to the best learning experiences. At the same time, students are taught by top faculty and experts from Aalto University with the latest learning methods that are strongly aligned with work-life.

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Introduction to Creativity

Creativity allows us to view and solve problems and complex challenges more innovatively and open-mindedly. This summer course will give you the tools to unlock your own creative potential through hands-on exercises tied to creativity.

A student capturing a web in a tree with his phone camera.

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality lets us create environments fit for any simulated interaction. During this course, students learn how software applications and game engines are used to build immersive multisensory experiences.

person with a VR headset on

Personal Growth and Renewal

The Personal Growth and Renewal course combines personal growth, influencing others, developing creative thinking skills and creating value.

Two students sitting and discussing outside while one student is holding a laptop in his knee while listening to the other student.

Circular Economy

Sustainable development requires a fundamental shift in how resources are used, and the transition will have fundamental implications. The students will learn how circular business models are designed and how they provide value to the customer.

Three persons in yellow, red and blue jackets walking through a field.

Game Design (July)

This multidisciplinary course combines game design's artistic and technical aspects, contemporary game development and prototyping.

Male student with a large tattoo on his neck looks at his laptop while making notes in a notebook

Game Design (August)

This multidisciplinary course combines game design's artistic and technical aspects, contemporary game development and prototyping.

Male student with a large tattoo on his neck looks at his laptop while making notes in a notebook


Self-Leadership is a hands-on routine and time management summer course that creates a framework for personal growth by providing a toolkit for structuring time, your habits and how to work smarter, not harder.

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Nordic Product Design

Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that makes it easier to identify challenges and create solutions for both individuals and organisations. This summer course explores the Nordic aspect of design, emphasising sustainability and ecological thinking, as well as functionalism and critical design.


Schedule for undergraduate summer courses 2024

If you wish to take multiple courses, you can have one course in the AM slot and one in the PM slot each week:

  • AM course paired with PM course on same weeks
  • Courses that follow each other: weeks 1-2 and 3-4.
  • Self-Leadership can be combined with PM courses. It cannot be combined with other AM courses as the lectures on week 3 overlap.

Week 1 

July 22th to 26th

Week 2

July 29th to August 2nd

Week 3

August 5th to 9th

Week 4

August 12th to 16th

AM (9-12)  

Personal Growth and Renewal (previously Leading transformation)

Circular Economy

PM (13-16)

Introduction to Creativity

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Nordic Product Design

Game Design (July)

Game Design (August)

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Read experiences from Summer School alumni

Photo of Julia Zambrzycki

Summer School alum story: Leading Transformation course revealed the interplay between design, adaptability, and visionary leadership

Julia Zambrzycki shares how the Leading Transformation course can help us become visionary leaders in constantly changing times.

Dominika ja hänen ryhmänsä pitämässä esitelmää kurssin viimeisenä päivänä

Summer School alum story: Embracing sustainability and diverse perspectives in the Circular Economy course

The Circular Economy course taught Dominika Kwasková new perspectives in both the business world and in working with a diverse group.

People at a VR event, some are wearing the VR headsets and and holding the motion controllers

Summer school students showcased immersive virtual reality prototypes at demo day

One of the first-ever Summer School undergraduate courses let students design their own immersive virtual reality experiences.

Christina Malikiosi työstämässä tehtävää oppitunnilla.

Summer School Alum Story: Toward personal growth and intrinsic motivation in the Self Leadership course

Summer School alum Christina Malikiosi reflects on her experience Self Leadership course, including personal growth and motivational factors.

Aalto University Summer School networking event

Extracurricular programme and social events

Get to know your coursemates and Finland through engaging extracurricular activities and social events organised by the Summer School team.

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Information for Summer School Applicants

Application guidelines and information about tuition fees at Aalto University Summer School.

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Graduate summer courses

We offer multidisciplinary academic summer courses for students and professionals with completed undergraduate degrees.

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