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We offer multidisciplinary academic summer courses for undergraduate students. Deep-dive into current disruptive topics, update your knowledge, gain international networks and get a taste of Aalto University's world-class future-led and challenge-based learning methods this summer.
Summer school students at Aalto University.

Aalto University Summer School's undergraduate summer courses have something to offer for everyone. The courses are tailor-made for students working towards a bachelor's degree or lifelong learners from any discipline or nationality.

We strive to create an international and multidisciplinary atmosphere in all our courses. We believe that letting students work together in applying their new skills leads to the best learning experiences. At the same time, students are taught by top faculty and experts from Aalto University with the latest learning methods that are strongly aligned with work-life.

Undergraduate summer courses with available spots

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Self-Leadership is a hands-on routine and time management summer course that creates a framework for personal growth by providing a toolkit for structuring time, your habits and how to work smarter, not harder.

Aalto University Summer School
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Leading transformation

Leading Transformation combines personal growth, influencing others, developing creative thinking skills and creating value.

Aalto University Summer School

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Circular Economy

Sustainable development requires a fundamental shift in how resources are used, and the transition will have fundamental implications. The students will learn how circular business models are designed and how they provide value to the customer.

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Game Design

This multidisciplinary course combines game design's artistic and technical aspects, contemporary game development and prototyping.

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Introduction to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality lets us create environments fit for any simulated interaction. During this course, students learn how software applications and game engines are used to build immersive multisensory experiences.

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Undergraduate summer school schedule 2023
  Session 1 (24.7.- 4.8.2023) Session 2 (7.-18.8.2023)
  Week 1-2 Week 3-4
AM (9-12) Block A
Block C
Circular Economy
Leading Transformation
PM (13-16) Block B
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Block D
Game Design

Students can choose one course from each block, with a maximum of four courses.

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Teacher interviews

Get to know our teachers for the undergraduate summer school!

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Summer school teacher interview: Thrive in a hectic world with the Self-Leadership summer course

Aalto University Summer School's Self-Leadership course empowers students with essential skills to navigate and flourish in a dynamic world.

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Summer School teacher interview: Learn to read the world in a more profound way by participating the Leading Transformation summer course

Aalto University's immersive Leading Transformation course prepares students for future challenges by developing creative thinking skills, an understanding of self, and the ability to deal with uncertainty. The course also explores the concept of meaning in future work life.

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Summer school teacher interview: Try the different forms that games can take in the Game Design summer course

Edward Morrell describes it as a crash course in the many ways game design can be utilised as a creative and rewarding medium.


Summer school teacher interview: Use your full creative potential in the Introduction to Virtual Reality summer course

The interview with the Virtual Reality summer course teacher Gautam Vishwanath sheds light on what the course will look like.

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Summer school teacher interview: Discover sustainable solutions for a better future with the Circular Economy summer course

The innovative Circular Economy course encourages students to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to understanding resources and sustainability.

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 Laura Kitinoja

Laura Kitinoja

Program Director
 Aalto University Summer School Team

Aalto University Summer School Team

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Extracurricular programme for undergraduate summer studies

Get to know your coursemates and Finland through engaging extracurricular activities

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Information for Summer School Applicants

Application guidelines and information about tuition fees at Aalto University Summer School.

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Graduate summer courses

We offer multidisciplinary academic summer courses for students and professionals with completed undergraduate degrees.

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