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Aalto University Summer School comes to life on our beautiful Otaniemi campus and outside of it with new friends.

Aalto University Summer School is designed for summer fun in Finland

Aalto University Summer School is not only about studying but also a social experience. We believe that enjoying the Finnish summer is the best way to get the most out of intense academic experiences and challenging coursework. That is why, each year, students get to enjoy fun, Finnish summer activities and visit the most important summer sites together with coursemates.

Taking courses at Aalto University Summer School is an easy way to grasp Finnish culture and the Helsinki region. Whilst we develop the social program every year, check what we have done in the past and picture yourself spending next summer at Aalto University!

Weather and recommendations

The Finnish summer is one of the most versatile summers you can experience with mild and pleasantly warm weather, although nights can sometimes get cold. You can expect the temperature to range between 10-25 °C, but it can get as hot as 30 °C. Thus, we recommend packing summer clothes while also preparing for chilly moments. Carrying extra layers such as a light jacket, pullover, and long pants will be useful for cooler times and for example, in Helsinki, it is often windy, so layers come in handy. You might want to add a raincoat or an umbrella to your list for rainy days. 

Saunas, lakes, and beaches are iconic features of the Finnish summer, so remember to bring a swimsuit and slippers. The sun shines late into the evening, so sunscreen and hats are also recommended during these bright summer months. Lastly, consider packing an eye mask for comfortable sleep.

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Travel arrangements for Summer School students

Learn about the guidelines for visa application and budgeting for your stay during the summer course.

Aalto University Summer School
Aalto University Summer School networking event

Extracurricular programme and social events

Get to know your coursemates and Finland through engaging extracurricular activities and social events organised by the Summer School team.

Aalto University Summer School

Social program all year round

Our custom programs and some of our courses are up and running throughout the year, and the social program is carefully planned accordingly.

5 things to do in the winter or early spring when visiting Aalto University

Study programs abroad allow you to explore a new city and culture. Luckily there is a lot to do close to the Aalto University campus.

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What you can easily do on your own in Finland

Not all social program needs to be organized. Exploring Finland yourself can be an inspiring way to spend your summer before, after or in-between the courses you have selected. Here are some tips on how you can complete your journey to be ever so inspiring.

Check out the ‘This is Finland’ page gathered by Aalto University staff for all things and tips Finnish!

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Get to know Finland and Aalto

Finland’s excellent reputation in education, combined with a wide range of courses offered in English, makes Finland and Aalto University an attractive study destination for international students.

Study at Aalto

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