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Game Design (August)

This multidisciplinary course brings together game design’s artistic and technical aspects. Students will learn the different approaches to contemporary independent game development, emphasising the prototyping skills required to transform their ideas into original, interactive experiences.
Male student with a large tattoo on his neck looks at his laptop while making notes in a notebook
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1.2.2024 – 26.3.2024

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2 weeks part-time

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Art and design




Aalto University

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The future of games is brighter than ever. More accessible and powerful design software has provided creators from a wider range of backgrounds with the tools to express themselves for an expanding audience of game players around the world. As the games industry continues to grow ever more inclusive, the value of such new voices has never been higher.

This multidisciplinary course can be considered a crash course in the many ways game design can be utilised as a creative and rewarding medium. Artistic and technical aspects of game design will be presented to students as they develop their own games. The practical and theoretical foundations of game design are explained across a series of lectures, supported with insights from industry and research. A parallel set of prototyping workshops covers a wide range of game design tools.

The course is open to any student interested in the topic, and no previous experience in game design or programming is required. The course is focused on low-code/no-code tools and independent work. By taking this course, you will learn about the art of game design and how to harness its power to transform your own ideas into unique, playful game prototypes.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your ideas. If you have a game in mind, prototype it. And overall, have fun. This is a really fun course.

Tabatha, course alum 2023

Game Design summer school course teacher Edwatd Morell looking straight into the camera. He has light brown hair and brown eyes.
Edward Morrell

Teacher Information

Edward Morrell is a doctoral researcher at Aalto University's Department of Art and Media, where he researches experimental game design through various artistic contexts. Edward is a member of Aalto Online Learning's Online Hybrid Lab, working on the research and development of educational games and related environments. His work has been published in venues such as the Digital Games Research Association and the Foundations of Digital Games Conference.

 Summer School Team

Summer School Team

Male student with a large tattoo on his neck looks at his laptop while making notes in a notebook

Game Design (July)

This multidisciplinary course combines game design's artistic and technical aspects, contemporary game development and prototyping.

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