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Are you ready for an inspiring summer at Aalto University? Review the application guidelines and information about tuition fees at Aalto University Summer School.
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Application process

Applicant groups

All summer course participants must be 18 years old and have completed a high school or vocational degree or equivalent by the time the course starts.

English skills

Aalto University Summer School does not require an official test record of English proficiency. However, we expect the students to have a strong command of English, both in writing and in communicating in the classroom, to be able to fulfil the course learning objectives. Language skills may be used as criteria in the application approval process. 

On the application form, we ask you to evaluate your English skills by choosing one of these categories:

  • Native or bilingual
  • Fluent - You have worked or studied in English without issues
  • Good - You can take an active part in conversations in English and write texts on your area of study
  • Intermediate - You have used English while travelling and understand spoken English on TV or social media
  • Basic - You use it in English lessons at a high school level and can read short texts
  • Beginner - You need a translator app to understand the application form


Visas and budgeting

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Travel arrangements for Summer School students

Learn about the guidelines for visa application and budgeting for your stay during the summer course.

Aalto University Summer School
 Summer School team

Summer School team

Select a course and find more information

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Aalto University Summer School courses

Find a course or program for your Aalto University Summer School experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Aalto University Summer School? Here are some answers to most asked questions

Aalto University Summer School
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Cancellation terms

Learn about the Aalto University Summer School cancellation terms.

Aalto University Summer School
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