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Meet the team

The Aalto Summer School team is here to help both students and faculty in building memorable academic experiences on Otaniemi campus.

Laura Sivula

Head of Summer School

[email protected]

+358 50 384 7228

Laura loves summers. She loves summers so much, that she has dedicated the sunniest days of the past years working with students at Aalto University. As the Head Honcho she wants to develop Otaniemi campus into an international destination during the summer semester. What is her favourite summer spot in Helsinki? "All the islands you can visit, just hop on a public transport ferry."

Laura can help you with: international programs, company collaboration


Laura Kitinoja

Program Manager

l[email protected]

+358 50 577 2755

What, another Laura? Yes, that is correct! Laura works with partner universities across the globe to provide students with exhilarating experiences while they are visiting Finland for the Digital Business Master Class. What is her favourite thing about the Finnish summer? "Everything comes to life after a long winter snooze, both the gorgeous nature which wakes up with a big green blast at the beginning of the summer and the smiling people who do not seem to have a care in the world."

Laura can help you with: curriculum development, application process, payment options, international mobility, Digital Business Master Class


Johanna Fagerström

Marketing Specialist

[email protected]

+358 50 310 5700

Johanna is the Marketing Specialist of Aalto University Summer School and with a background in both the tech startup world as well as the academic scene, she has a passion for creating appealing content for any audience. She is in charge of the Summer School’s marketing activities and collaborates with partner universities and their students around the globe to make sure they don’t miss out on our unique course offering. For Johanna, Finnish summer is all about that vitamin D and spending as much time outdoors as possible. 

Johanna can help you with:international programs, marketing campaigns and materials, partner and university collaboration 


Marcela Acosta-Garcia

Program Manager

[email protected]

+358 50 512 4296

Marcela is a project specialist working with EU partner universities to create learning opportunities at home or abroad. In the Summer School team, she works in projects for digitalization of education, international collaboration, lifelong learning, and development of transferrable skills. Marcela is always looking to create synergies across groups. For her, the best thing about the summer is the energy boost from the light and from seeing so many people enjoying the outdoors.

Marcela can help you with:joint programs, EU projects, online courses


Saara Kuikka


[email protected]

+358 40 353 8149

Saara is a nice person.

Saara can help you with:international programs, student services

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