IT services for research and creative practices - remote tool collection

Instructions and tips for remote researching and creative practices.

Remote connection to Aalto's network - VPN

Aalto employees can connect their devices remotely to University’s internal network by the means of the Aalto VPN service. This helps, for example, to use internal IT resources like you were present in the campus.

Virtual Windows or Ubuntu - VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers virtual Windows 10 and Ubuntu desktops that are located inside Aalto’s network. Using a virtual desktop is similar as using a physical one. You just need to connect to the desktop over internet via a browser.

Remote access of research equipment - VDI2

VDI2 works as a bridge for laboratory networks and is intended for the remote access of research equipment in laboratory facilities in Aalto University. 

More information: Remote access of research equipment (VDI2) | Aalto University

Remote and home software’s 

Aalto IT provides staff members and students with application licenses that can be installed on personal computers or use remotely. Always use your Aalto workstation when there is not an urgent need to use a personally owned computer.

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools enable collaboration and data sharing within groups, as well as publishing data to internet. All the services mentioned below can be accessed with Aalto username and password.

Scientific computing

Aalto Science-IT resources are available normally. Remote and data access from personal computers is described in the documentation. Support is provided online only.

Security of remote working

Aalto Cyber Security maintains a collection of top-10 tips on various information security topics. These top-10 collections are intended to help people to take control of their privacy and security while using often very complex and ever-changing technologies. Please check especially Top-10 work from home and travelling tips.

Do not hesitate to contact us in any IT security related questions or in case of incident [email protected]

Remote access to Aalto storage services

Your data in Aalto network storage (home, work or teamwork) is accessible remotely through VPN. You can download VPN software to your personal device. 

Good alternative for non-confidential data are the Aalto cloud storage services: OneDrive for Business, Google Drive and Dropbox. 

We recommend research groups to have a shared network folder for storing research data. Data stored only in individual devices, external drives or personal folders can be difficult to access and share remotely.



Contact information

IT Service Desk contact

Troubleshooting and basic IT guidance.

IT Customer Relationship Managers

Help with IT needs definition, solution discovery and development. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]


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New services and applications

If you plan to take new services or applications in to use in order to solve challenges, please contact your school IT Customer Relationship Manager first. Commonly used applications may have security and legal issues and they may not be suitable for research activities. We recommend using Aalto’s official tools whenever possible.


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