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Annual strategic processes

Aalto University's strategy is based on a living strategy model. A living strategy is a way to develop activities in the face of global change. On this page, you will get acquainted with the annual strategic planning processes as well as the monitoring and reporting of the implementation of the strategy.
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University strategic planning

Our three strategic management processes form the basis of the university's and school's follow-up and planning. 

  • The University Preview is conducted together with our community and stakeholders during the autumn to evaluate the assumptions and emerging signals and trends related to the university's operating environment. The outcome may lead to revising the strategy or updating the assumptions for the planning process (University Dialogue) of the coming year. As part of the preview, there is a community event with the board (AUFB) where community members can discuss preview topics and ask questions directly from the board members.
  • At the beginning of the calendar year during the University Review, schools, joint units and services self-assess their strategy implementation by utilising results and feedback from the previous year. University Review generates guidelines for the University Dialogue process, together with the instructions from the university's board and guidance from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).
  • University Dialogue focuses on setting the objectives and deciding on the joint plan for the following three years. In the dialogue, the President's management team (PMT) agrees on the strategic plan, indicator targets and resources that are documented in the University's target agreement, Our plan. 

Explore further each annual strategic process below. Topical information regarding these processes can be found on these pages.

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University Preview

In University Preview we assess together the assumptions related to our operating environment in relation to new trends.

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University Review

Aalto University evaluates the implementation of the strategy utilising the feedback and results from the previous year.

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University Dialogue

The university dialogue focuses on setting targets for the coming year and longer-term activities, implementation of the plans and resourcing.

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Aalto's strategic plan, indicator targets and resources are documented in the university's target agreement, Our plan. Explore Aalto's strategic plans for 2023-2026 below.

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Our plan 2024-2027

Explore our strategic plans for 2024-2027

Our strategy

University funding model

The Aalto University internal funding model is one of the key elements of the implementation of our strategy.

Pic funding model 2021-

Aalto University funding model 2021 -

Aalto University funding model 2021 -

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Follow-up and reporting

As part of our annual strategic planning processes, we monitor and report on the implementation of the strategy, both internally and externally. The indicators webpage describes our Key Performance Indicators and their definitions, which are included in the Indicator Handbook. The Handbook is systematically updated annually during the University Review process based on inputs from the Aalto community.

Topical information from our university can be found also in our annual reports and the report submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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Indicators and reporting

We follow the implementation of the University strategy and success through indicators.

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University guidance by the Ministry of Education and Culture

The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) directs the strategic planning of universities every four years by agreement. At the beginning of the contract period, the universities and the ministry will hold negotiations on the basis of the contract documents prepared by the university, in which the operational and quantitative objectives of the universities, the areas for development and the funding to be granted to the university will be agreed. The issues agreed in the negotiations with the Ministry and the feedback given by the Ministry are taken into account in the strategic planning of the university and the schools. The Ministry monitors the implementation of the agreement and the implementation of the university's strategy and provides periodic feedback. On the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, you can find out more about the guidance, funding and agreements of universities and research institutes. In addition to the Ministry of Education's contract procedure, the strategic planning of universities is guided by the Finnish government program, the education and research development plan and legislation.

Updating and documenting the strategy

The living strategy consists of a longer-term strategy and the analysis of the operating environment, as well as the plans made for the upcoming four years. Long-term strategy-operating environmental analysis, purpose, values, ways of working and development areas may be updated in the University Review or University Preview. Strategic plans for the next four years are updated every year during the University Dialogue.

The university board can initiate a strategy process and approve the resulting strategy and any other guidelines that determine its implementation. The Aalto Management Team (AMT) is responsible for organising strategy work and involving the university community in the preparation. The schools draw up more detailed own strategic plans for the implementation of the university's strategy and as a starting point for operational planning and resourcing.

All documentation is located in SAHA and/or aalto.fi .

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