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Aalto University funding model 2021 -

The Aalto University internal funding model is one of the key elements of our strategy. It guides the way resources are allocated within the university by balancing the different resource needs and priorities in our core activities - research, education and impact – in a way that safeguards our long-term academic competitiveness.
Pic funding model 2021-

Aalto University's internal funding model has been updated to align with our new strategy and came into effect at the beginning of 2021 at the same time as the new strategy period began.

The revised funding model is used to allocate the Ministry of Education core funding as well as the funding from our investment activities towards our schools, amounting to roughly 260M€ a year.

The funding model consists of three elements:

  • long-term core funding
  • results-based funding
  • development funding

Long-term core funding, accounting for approximately 60% of the funding, is allocated to schools against the agreed academic targets for the next four years. Results-based funding, approximately 30% of the funding, rewards for past academic performance. The smallest element, development funding, is resourcing for our joint strategic projects, prioritised according to their contribution to our strategic goals. In addition, our services and facilities as key enablers are resourced by internal charges based on KPIs reflecting their use by schools.

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