Aalto Handbook

Indicators and reporting

We follow the implementation of the University strategy and success through indicators (KPI, Key Performance Indicators). Where needed, we update the indicators as part of the annual University Review and planning process. Indicators are documented in the Aalto KPI Handbook which contains definitions and descriptions of the indicators used by the university.

Clearly defined and systematically maintained Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to evaluate research, education, impact and enablers. Aalto’s performance at all levels is monitored using accurate, timely and openly accessible data from KPI dashboard and Aalto Key Information, both available on Power BI cloud service since 2018. 

You can track Aalto's progress in terms of the strategy indicators on the Power BI tool. ( log in )

On the key figures 2023 page you will easily find key information about last year's results and achievements. Annual board report and financial statements for 2023 can be found on that page.

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Key figures of 2023 and annual reports

On this page we present key figures of 2023 and the Annual Board Report and Financial Statements.

Aalto University

Aalto University reports also to the Ministry of Education and Culture on the implementation of the strategy. The report highlights the achievement of the goals agreed between the university and the ministry, as well as the implementation of key measures related to the strategy during the contract period. Report only in finnish.

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