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In University Preview we assess together the assumptions related to our operating environment in relation to new trends.
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In the fall, the University Preview assesses the assumptions related to the university's operating environment. This may lead to updating our strategy or giving guidance to next year's planning process. This is an inclusive foresight process in which members of the Aalto community and our stakeholders play a key role in identifying and analysing emerging signals and trends. The preview is carried out using, among other things, community events, workshops, surveys and the discussion tool on the aalto.fi website. A key part of the preview process is the community event held together with the university's board (AUFB), where community members discuss the changes in the operative environment and institutional responses.

The outcome of the University Preview is the identification of key emerging trends and developments as well as an analysis of the ways in which these may shape our activities. Additionally, Aalto’s living strategy—may be updated if deemed necessary. The insights from the University Preview also feed into the other two annual living strategy processes called the University Review and University Dialogue.

University Preview 2023

The aim of the fall 2023 University Preview is to support the development of Aalto's living strategy by proactively ensuring the relevance of our purpose, values, focus of development and the most important trends shaping us.

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In the 2022 university preview discussions, global challenges such as the energy crisis, the unstable world situation, transformation in higher education, future of work, economic disruptions and climate change came up strongly. On the basis of the preview, development actions will be focused in particular on core activities, teaching and research, and everyday sustainability.

In 2020 and 2021 emerging signals and trends relevant to Aalto’s operations were identified, such as the global sustainability crisis, changing landscape of higher education and shifting of global economy and security. Development activities being undertaken based on preview results include the exploration and development of hybrid ways of working, revision of long-term campus development programme, and the forthcoming exploration of the changes in the global context.

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University Review

Aalto University evaluates the implementation of the strategy utilising the feedback and results from the previous year.

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University Dialogue

The university dialogue focuses on setting targets for the coming year and longer-term activities, implementation of the plans and resourcing.

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