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Science breakthroughs, mythbusting and fresh research-based perspectives for better decision-making. Check out hand-picked stories from our community. 

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Cracking the toughest problems

Read about radically creative approaches that are turning fundamental research into tools to create a better future for us all.

A satellite picture of the forest, with pink, violet and green colours

How to see trees and plants in a whole new light

A hyperspectral snapshot captures all the light in a scene, not just colours or infrared light. The extra information is useful in many applications, from agriculture and conservation to forensics and food safety.

Piece of ceramics exploding

Cutting the carbon out of concrete

The Radical Ceramic Research Group is pioneering potentially transformative alternatives to traditional concrete, the world’s second largest source of emissions.

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Let’s end fast fashion — and favour resilience over efficiency in all industries

Focusing on short-term profit isn’t sustainable. So what can we do to move in the right direction?

Mies on selkä päin kameraa, katsoo tietokoneelta kuvaa aivoista.

Playing with the music of the brain

Common neurological disorders like depression and chronic pain can be challenging to treat with conventional methods. An automated version of a long-used brain stimulation technique holds real promise as a reliable and effective drug-free alternative.

green bacteria

The path of least resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is causing a silent, stealthy pandemic – and the pipeline of new antibiotics is dwindling. The good news is that researchers are turning to other ways to fight bacteria, by targeting the very weapons they deploy during an infection.

Akkuteknologialla on merkittävä rooli  liikenteen sähköistämisessä ja uusiutuvan energian varastoinnissa

Power the future

How battery technologies can solve some of the world's biggest sustainability chanllenges.

Give for the future

There's a high possibility of failure. But if it works, it could be a game-changer.

Doctoral researcher Ville Repo, Radical Ceramics Group

Bridging the gap between science and decision making

Our experts break down what decision-makers should know about current societal trends.

Vihreitä lehtiä ajelehtii vedessä (kuvituskuva)

What should decision-makers know about green hydrogen?

How can green hydrogen help make the world a better place, and how can Finland encourage its development and uptake? We’ve compiled a concise information package on green hydrogen for decision-makers.

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AI is transforming healthcare: 5 things to know

Regulation, validation and trust are key when AI is used in medical services, say FCAI and Aalto University experts.


Five things decision-makers should know about the electrification of society

Electrification plays a key role in solving the climate crisis. Aalto University researchers describe what kind of challenges this entails and how they can be tackled.


I didn’t know that!

Think you understand how things work? Aalto researchers set the record straight on key issues of our time.

Are black holes really black? True or false: five claims about black holes

Senior researcher Tuomas Savolainen addresses some common beliefs about black holes.

Taiteilijan näkemys mustasta aukosta.

Coming never to a road near you: Five myths about autonomous vehicles

Whether you call them autonomous, self-driving or robot cars, there is a lot of discussion about when, where and how these vehicles will take to the roads.


Will artificial intelligence take your job in marketing? True or false: five claims about the future of marketing

Johanna Frösén, Associate Professor of Marketing, provides insights on some beliefs associated with marketing analytics

Cyber. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

Does entrepreneurship cause stress and burnout? True or false: five claims about entrepreneurs’ wellbeing

Professor Ewald Kibler examines common beliefs about entrepreneurship in light of his recent research

Slush 2022 laser visual

Fusion energy will save our future? True or false: Five claims about fusion power

A breakthrough in fusion energy production was achieved last week when, for the first time ever, the fusion reactions in a small fuel pellet yielded more energy than the pellet had absorbed. We asked our researchers, Taina Kurki-Suonio and Eero Hirvijoki, about five claims related to fusion.

Nano cryostat

Do dividends enrich shareholders? Is investing only for the rich? True or false: five claims about investing

Investing has become a hot topic in the media, in online discussions and around watercoolers and coffee machines – but are these conversations sharing wisdom or spreading myths? To help people make informed decisions, we asked Professor of Finance Peter Nyberg to talk about five claims and separate fact from fiction.

In the picture, professor Peter Nyberg leans towards a window in the Dipoli building.
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