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Nearly 45 000 alumni from 80 countries are already members of the Aalto University alumni network. As a member of the alumni network, you get fresh research news, contacts from different fields and innumerable possibilities for self-development.

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The alumni network allows you to stay in touch with your fellow classmates and retain your valuable contacts after you have graduated. Join the alumni network on Aalto’s Alumni Circle.

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Alumni benefits

As a registered member of the Aalto University alumni network, you will have the opportunity to network and influence and receive various benefits.

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Many ways to participate

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Recruit a student or recent graduate

Find more information about different country-specific work and industry practices, recruit students through us.

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The Aalto University Mentoring Programme

In the Aalto University Mentoring Programme, students are provided with the opportunity to meet with people who are already part of working life and develop their own abilities and expertise.

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Continuing education

Aalto University provides executive-level development services and continuing education in various fields that can help support your career development as well as update and deepen your expertise.


Aalto University and its partners arrange hundreds of events annually, and most of them are also open to alumni.


Arranging a class reunion

A class reunion is a great way to meet old friends, find out what everyone is up to and reminisce about your time at the university. If you would like to arrange a class reunion and invite your fellow classmates, we can provide you with some handy tips.

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Aalto University offers enterprises, associations and alumni countless opportunities for collaboration in all fields of the university’s operations.


Donate for the future.

The world needs new and revolutionary ideas, solutions, entrepreneurship, work and new kind of leadership. A donation to Aalto University is a donation for strong, internationally successful Finland.


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All stories: From alumni to alumni

Aalto University’s alumni exert influence in many ways, enabling favourable development and change. Our alumni network includes almost 45,000 alumni from 80 different countries.

Perttu Karjalainen

Perttu Karjalainen

Welcome to the new From Alumni to Alumni series. In this first "From Alumni to Alumni" we have interviewed Perttu Karjalainen, CEO and Co-Founder of EntoCube. EntoCube is the leading edible insects farming solutions provider in the Nordics

Pia Kåll, CapMan

Pia Kåll

In this issue we have interviewed Pia Kåll, Managing Partner of CapMan Buyout. CapMan is one of the oldest capital investment companies in the Nordic countries.

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski, valokuvaaja

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski is a Finnish Photographer. His Last Machos exhibition was on at the Northern Photographic Centre in Oulu. Last Machos exhibition tells a story about change, loneliness and what it is like to be a Finnish man.

Jyrki Kasvi

From research to politics

Jyrki Kasvi, chairman of the City Council of Espoo, says that one of the most important things he learned during his studies was that one should always say their wildest ideas out loud, as these can help you learn the most.


Entrepreneurial sparring for creative individuals

Executive Director Pekka Krook and film student Lotta-Kaisa Riistakoski like to meet early in the morning for their mentoring sessions.

Aalto-yliopisto / yhteisö

On a mission for sustainable development in Mexico

Anna Asikainen works for a consultancy in Mexico that specialises in sustainable development solutions and climate change. She has noticed that traditional Finnish ‘sisu’ can go a long way in an international environment.

Elina Björklund

Elina Björklund

School of Business Alumna of the Year 2018 Elina Björklund is the CEO of Reima. She has graduated from the Helsinki School of Economics. Before Reima she worked at Iittala.

Jaime De Vizcaya

Jaime De Vizcaya

Jaime De Vizcaya is a Mexican-Finnish industrial designer, lecturer, ecological and sustainable design activist.

Hele Haapaniemi

Hele Haapaniemi

Hele Haapaniemi, 24, is a Master of Science (Technology). She graduated from the School of Chemical Technology last autumn. In April this year, she will celebrate her first year working for Orion as a development chemist

Ari Niemelä at the Alumnus of the Year award ceremony

Ari Niemelä

Ari Niemelä, who was awarded the title of Alumnus of the Year by the School of Engineering in 2017, is Head of Hull Basic Design in the Meyer Turku shipyard.

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