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Preparing a new degree programme

The most important thing in preparing a new degree programme is the clear purpose of the programme and the fit of the programme as part of Aalto University's degree programme portfolio. On this page, you will find instructions for preparing a new degree programme.

Degree programme portfolio development

Aalto programme portfolio includes all degree programme offering at our university. The development of the portfolio – or degree programmes to offer -  is done in schools with support and university level coordination by the Learning Steering Group (LESG).

Development of the programme portfolio includes:

  1. Evaluation and development of the existing degree programme’s on offer.
  2. Establishment of new degree programmes.
  3. Termination of an existing degree programme, major or application target.

Preparing a new degree programme

The preparation process for new programme proposals is above all a tool to support programme development. This is done by providing a forum and a process for dialogue, collaboration and information sharing across units and schools. During the development process, dialogue with all relevant actors is essential. Therefore, identifying key actors and stakeholders within the school as well as across school boundaries needs to be done as early as possible. As a first step, the faculty member responsible for the programme development needs to inform the following actors: Vice Dean (education), Department Head/Vice head, Dean, and Manager for Academic Affairs (Learning services) and when applicable, Manager for International Relations. These actors do not only have a formal role in the actual preparation process, but they also manage the school’s education portfolio and resources.

During the preparation process, the Teaching and Learning Steering Group (LESG) examines program proposals twice:

  1. Pre-study phase (so-called Gate 0)
  2. Plan and proposal (so-called Gate 1)
Process for preparing new education initiatives
Process for preparing new education initiatives

A template (ppt documents below) is provided for both stages to support the preparation process. The template contains an overview of the school’s current programme portfolio for background information and the following key headings:

  1. Why? Purpose of the programme and how it links to our strategy and programme portfolio.
  2. For whom? Market need analysis.
  3. With whom? Partner analysis.
  4. What? Structure and content of the programme.
  5. How? Needed resources
  6. When? Plan for preparations and launch

Programme proposals will be discussed in the LESG at two spring (usually February & April) and two autumn (usually September & November) meetings according to the LESG annual clock (marked as Edu portfolio proposals in the annual clock). Meeting schedules and the annual clock can be found on the LESG website. Programme proposals will be submitted to the service manager of programme management services team (or the secretary of LESG) no later than one week before the meeting.

Support for preparation process

Programme management services team offers support for preparing new programme initiatives. Please contact the team´s service manager as soon as possible in the preparation process in order to get needed support.

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Johanna Söderholm

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Useful instructions for planning a degree programme

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Programme director's handbook
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Programme director's handbook
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