School of Chemical Engineering: governance

School of Chemical Engineering

Here you will find information about the administration, decision making and leadership in the School of Chemical Engineering.

For services provided at the School of Chemical Engineering, for example HR, Finance, or Communications, please see Services.

Two armchairs and an acrylic painting by Hans-Christian Berg decorates a stairs landing in Dipoli, Aalto University

Management operations and decision making

The School is led by the Dean. The Dean e.g. appoints the heads and vice-heads of  the school's three departments, the directors of the degree programmes and doctoral programme. The Dean is in part responsible for the cooperation between Aalto Schools to enhance the implementation of Aalto strategy. Who, how and where are the decisions made on the direction our school is going in? How can you influence this direction? Here you will find out about the decision making, the preparation for decisions and handling of current issues progresses in the School of Chemical Engineering. Because of renewal, Dean's decisions can be temporarely requested from Dean's assistant Anne Forsström [email protected]

Academic Committee

Academic Committee for Chemical Engineering

Aalto Univeristy students studying / photo: Unto Rautio

Doctoral Programme Committee

Doctoral Programme Committee for the School of Chemical Engineering

Functional Materials major, Laboratory research

Degree Programme Committee

Degree Programme Committee for the School of Chemical Engineering

Two students at the Aalto University Learning Centre

Strategy and Quality

Vice Dean (Research)

Vice Dean (Education)

Development manager

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