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The versatility and continuous development of K Group shows in our cooperation.
Four people standing infront of orange-colored walls with texts and K group logo. A bowl of candy.
K Group at Aalto Talent Expo 2022. Photographer Sara Vertanen.

The K Group is one of the biggest employers in Finland. The three business areas – the grocery trade (K-food retailers), the building and technical trade (Onninen and K-Rauta) and the car trade (K-Auto) ensure interesting career opportunities for the vast majority of different disciplines of studies. From corporate responsibility to leading with knowledge, from artificial intelligence to finance and from logistics experts to human resources. Trends in trade are for example e-commerce, data utilization, customer experience, responsibility, artificial intelligence and robotics. The K Group is renewing rapidly and is now e.g. one of Finland's largest employers in the IT, digital and marketing sectors in Finland. There are a total of about 5,000 K employees in various expert positions in Finland. The largest offices are the new head office in Kalasatama, Helsinki (2019), and the Group financial and HR Services in Tampere, which was completed in 2021. 

The K Group has 1.9 million customer encounters every day and is Finland's most popular food online store. The K Group carries out long-term corporate responsibility work, and for several years it has been selected as one of the world's most responsible companies in the trade sector. In addition to consumer trade, the K Group also has significant B2B trade: it is e.g. the market leader in its field in Finland as a provider of foodservice services (Kespro) and a technical wholesaler (Onninen). Read more about the K Group on their website.

The K Group is also one of the pioneers internationally in utilizing customer data to support decision-making. K's experts develop services that can help the customer make purchasing decisions, as well as K-retailers to build a product range that is right for their own customer base. Few companies have as much information about the everyday life of Finns as the K Group: the same customer can buy a car, renovation supplies and everyday food purchases from K. The work of K people is therefore reflected in the daily lives of Finns every day.

Two women are standing in front of a wall with shelves and a TV. Table with prints and magazines in front of them.
K group at ARENA Career Fair (nowadays Aalto Talent Expo) 2010. Photographer Aino Huovio.

The K Group became the Premium Partner of the School of Business in 2018. Like many of our other partners, the collaboration with K Group had already started much earlier. Since then, the co-operation has diversified, and we often see representatives of the K Group helping students in the twists and turns of job search or as visiting lecturers on our courses. Thanks to customized business projects, our students have been able to focus on the K Group's strategy, the use of data and customers' purchasing motives.

“As a large Finnish company, the K Group plays a key role in people's daily lives and in society: as an employer of 40,000 people, maintaining security of supply and Finnish food production, electrifying motor vehicles, utilizing ethical data, promoting a responsible food chain and providing comprehensive and high-quality Finnish service. In order to make a change in the retail sector and accelerate our development, we will continue to need the best talent in our fields of work for the K Group. That is why Aalto University is a very important partner for us, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. We constantly have interesting job opportunities available for students, recent graduates and top professionals who have already advanced their careers, in many fields. I encourage you to get to know the opportunities offered by the K Group, because many of Aalto's people have found the job of their dreams in the K Group. ” says Ilona Castrén (Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition), who is responsible for the K Group's recruitment and cooperation with educational institutions.

For students

Read more about K Group as an employer from JobTeaser company profile (for Aalto users):

Link to the JobTeaser company profile

K Group vacancies are published in their website

K Group's open vacanciesOnly some of the open positions are published on JobTeaser since the number of yearly open positions is extensive.


More articles about our cooperation:

K-ryhmälle tehty projekti, Kauppakorkeakoulu

Students analysed the demand for K Group’s wellbeing services in three international markets

Customized student business project explored demand for K Group’s digital services related to wellbeing by analyzing market trends and consumer behavior

Opiskelijaprojekti K-Autolle

Even better service for people who bought a used car from K-Auto

The goal of the student project was to reach new customer groups and develop the customer orientation

Kaksi naista K-ryhmän kaupan hevi-osastolla.

Students studied the motivation behind the purchase of affordable food products

‘The students could set up a two-person consultancy firm right away.’

Better Business - Better Society -seminaarin otsikkokuva.

Better Business - Better Society Seminar: ”Koronakriisi ja kansainväliset toimitusketjut – mitä opittiin, mikä muuttuu?”

Better Business — Better Society Seminar Series offers opportunities to learn about and discuss current societally important topics monthly.

Sähköautojen latauspaikka, monta autoa rinnakkain ladattavana

Student project researched new data based services for K-Auto

Students were quick to grasp the challenges of the previously unfamiliar sector.

Partneripäivä järjestettiin Kandidaattikeskuksessa Otaniemessä (os. Otakaari 1). Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

Partner companies of the School of Business were visible in Partnership Day

In the Partnership Day, the halls dedicated to K Group and KPMG were opened in the Undergraduate Centre.

Ari Svensk and Hayde Furubacka from K Group (on the left), students Jaakko Otto Swan and Esa Immonen and on the right Academic Advisor Mikko Hänninen.

Kesko's Private Label strategy was analysed in a student project

The project was carried out in response to efforts from Kesko to enhance their own Private Label strategy.


K Group to be the latest School of Business Premium Partner

The K Group and the Aalto University School of Business have signed a three-year collaboration agreement.


Partnership Programme for long-term collaboration

Aalto University’s School of Business has its own Partnership Programme to build and maintain close, long-term relations with companies. The programme is the only one of its kind in Finnish universities, and also connects the partners with the other Schools and fields at Aalto University.

Read more
Partnership Program

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Annemari Rautio

Annemari Rautio

Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Business

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Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

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