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If at some time during your studies you have a summer job, are employed in addition to studying, or you complete a separate internship, then you may be able to turn your work experience into 3 to 6 credits as an elective study. You can put an internship in either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Business. An internship is not, however, a requirement for a degree.

The internship must be performed during your time of studies. You can apply for credit for an internship only for a period of work that you performed during the period of validity of your right to study. You may also have performed work for a longer period or as part of employment relationship, so long as you meet the other criteria of the internship. A work experience may not be approved as part of your degree, however, if it was performed before your right to study was valid.

Find and procure the internship by yourself. For additional information on internships, including on scholarships for international internships, see here for internships in Finland and here for internships abroad.

If you have questions regarding internship at the School of Business, please contact us at [email protected].

What kind of internship can be approved in a degree?

Including an internship in the degree

CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM)

International double degree programmes

Degree students at Aalto University School of Business can apply to study in a double degree programme to gain valuable international experience.

Below are the double degree programmes available for students in People Management and Organizational Development.

Studies at other Aalto schools or in Finnish universities

As an Aalto University degree student you can complete studies also outside your own field of study. Some of the studies require an application while other studies are open for all Aalto students. You can complete either individual courses or a minor outside your own field of study.

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Studies and student services in Swedish

Information about studies and student services in Swedish

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Language and communication studies

Language and communication courses at Aalto University

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University Wide Studies

This page offers a collection of courses that you, as an Aalto student, can take regardless of your background.

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Exchange studies

Information for students about exchange studies.

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Other studies

Study possibilities at Aalto, in Finland and internationally.

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