Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies

Graduation in the majors BIOINFO, BME, BIOSENS, CS, and NEURO

Are you in the beginning with your idea? If you are looking for information about how to begin with a master's thesis, thorough instructions can be found at SCI Master’s thesis workspace in MyCourses. 

Are you ready to submit your thesis, and apply for graduation. You can familiarize yourself with the graduation schedule, deadlines and applying for graduation below. 

Things to remember about graduation schedule 

  • The monthly deadline date for making a graduation request will be the official graduation date. 
  • Degree programme committee meeting approves a thesis topic and a final master's thesis. 
  • It is not possible to submit a thesis topic approval and a final thesis for evaluation at the same time. Thesis topic approval is the starting point for working on your thesis. Send the thesis topic approval application at as soon as you have agreed with your supervisor on your thesis topic. 
  • It is possible to submit the final thesis for evaluation and apply for graduation at the same time. Please remember to inform your supervisor in advance and to leave enough time (4 weeks) for the supervisor to read the final thesis and write a statement.  

Year 2024

Deadline for graduation request (23:59 EEST) and official graduation date Degree programme committee meetings Degree registered at the latest Degree certificate ready Graduation ceremony, 
at 4 pm
29.1.2024*   20.2.2024 6.3.2024 24.4.2024
19.2.2024 11.–14.3.2024 19.3.2024 3.4.2024 24.4.2024
25.3.2024*   9.4.2024 24.4.2024 12.6.2024
29.4.2024 20.–23.5.2024 28.5.2024 12.6.2024 12.6.2024
27.5.2024 17.–20.6.2024 25.6.2024 10.7.2024 25.9.2024
24.6.2024*   16.7.2024 14.8.2024 25.9.2024
31.7.2024 19.–22.8.2024 27.8.2024 11.9.2024 25.9.2024
26.8.2024*   10.9.2024 25.9.2024 11.12.2024
30.9.2024 21.–24.10.2024 29.10.2024 13.11.2024 11.12.2024
31.10.2024*   19.11.2024 4.12.2024 11.12.2024
18.11.2024 16.–19.12.2024 3.1.2025 2025 2025
31.12.2024 2025 2025 2025 2025

* possible graduation date, if your master's thesis is approved and registered in Sisu.

Things to remember before applying for graduation 

  • You have to be as an attending student, when you make a graduation request and on the graduation date.
  • You have to complete all studies included in your degree before applying for graduation. The only exception to this is master's thesis. To avoid any delays in graduation, ensure that all required modules have been approved at least three (3) weeks before the graduation request deadline. 
  • Your degree is based on the studies that you have on your primary study plan (HOPS) in Sisu. Check that you have a study plan and it is up-to-date. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.

Receiving the degree certificate

Once the dean has awarded the degree, you receive an invitation to the graduation ceremony by email. At the ceremony, the dean hands out the degree certificates to graduates.

Alternatively, you can collect your certificate from Learning Services of School of Science after receiving an email telling you that the degree certificate is ready to be picked up. When collecting your certificate, you must prove your identity, so please have your ID with you.

Check the contact information and opening hours

If you are unable to collect your degree certificate, you can also authorize another person to collect it for you. For a valid reason, you may also request Learning Services to mail the certificate for you as a registered letter. Certificates are mailed only outside the capital region (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen). In both cases, please fill in the power of attorney and submit it as a hard copy to Learning Services or as a scanned copy to [email protected]

Please fill in the power of attorneyIn some situations, you can get a copy of your degree certificate. You can read more about ordering a copy and arranging the translation of the degree certificate at:

Aalto Graduation Party 2022 outdoor event. Photo by Aalto University/Jaakko Kahilaniemi
Aalto Graduation Party outdoor event in 2022. Photo by Aalto University, Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Graduation ceremony

School of Science arranges four graduation ceremonies every year. The ceremony includes speeches and music, and it lasts for about two hours. Refreshments are available after the ceremony. You can invite up to three guests. The invitation will be sent to graduates by email about one month before the ceremony. Email any questions to [email protected]

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