Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies


Thesis instructions for the majors BIOINFO, BME, BIOSENS, CS, and NEURO
Thesis instructions for the major Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering


This table shows the important dates for thesis approval process. The deadline for submitting documents for the Degree Programme Committee is approximately 3 weeks before the meeting.

When you are planning for submitting your thesis for evaluation, consider these dates according to your graduation and study right. You need to be present as a student when applying for thesis evaluation. This is critical especially at the end of semesters in July and December.

Submit your documents on the deadline date by 23:59 at the latest. 

Deadlines for submitting applications 2023 Degree Programme Committee meetings 2023
 Fri 30.12.2022  Mon 16.1.2023
 Mon 27.2.2023  Mon 20.3.2023
 Mon 24.4.2023  Mon 15.5.2023
 Mon 29.5.2023  Mon 12.6.2023
 Mon 31.7.2023  Mon 21.8.2023
 Mon 25.9.2023  Mon 9.10.2023
 Mon 20.11.2023  Mon 11.12.2023
 Fri 29.12.2023  Mon 22.1.2024
Deadlines for submitting applications 2024 Degree Programme Committee meetings 2024
Fri 29.12.2023  Mon 22.1.
Mon 19.2.2024  Mon 11.3.
Mon 29.4.  Mon 20.5.
Mon 27.5.  Mon 17.6.
Wed 31.7.  Mon 19.8.
Mon 30.9.  Mon 21.10.
Mon 18.11.  Mon 16.12

Application deadlines and meetings of 2025 will be published in October 2024 at the latest.

Master's Theses and Press Releases of LifeTech Students

Below you can find master's theses and press releases written by students of Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies on their master's theses. Master's theses are updated here when they are available in the Aaltodoc publication archive.

Master's thesis

Master's theses approved in the autumn semester 2023 and later you can find in the Aaltodoc repository - 1b Maisterivaiheen opinnäytetyöt / Master’s theses by searching with a title or with an author. 

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