Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences

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Other studies

Working experience as a part of the degree

Aalto JobTeaser (external link)

Aalto JobTeaser portal for job ads, career events and guidance

Punaisella taustalla JobTeaserin logo ja teksti Aalto University Career Services

TECH international internship

Information on international internship and scholarships for students of technology (CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI)

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Language and communication studies

Student guide illustration, language and communications studies

Language and communication studies in the degree

Language and communication studies in the degree

Language and communication studies

Studies in other Aalto schools

As an Aalto University degree student, you can complete studies also outside your own field of study. Some of the studies require an application while other studies are open for all Aalto students. You can complete either individual courses or a minor outside your own field of study.

Studies in other Finnish Universities

If a student is registered as a degree student at a Finnish university, according to the national flexible study rights agreement (JOO), they are entitled to apply for a fixed term study right for single courses or minors at any other Finnish university. JOO studies should be integrated in the student’s degree at their home university. Bachelor's, master's and doctoral students can apply for the JOO flexible study right. The university can grant a right to study only for studies that are offered to JOO students, and only when the student’s home university has first endorsed the application.

Read here how to appy for the JOO flexible study right.

International studies

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Exchange studies

Information for students about exchange studies.

Other studies
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International internships

Information about internships abroad and grant

Other studies
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Other study opportunities in international university networks

Aalto University has partnerships with a number of universities abroad.

Other studies

Other studies

Personal Impact hero page logo

Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

Other studies
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Summer studies

This page gathers the summer courses that Aalto and other providers provide to Aalto degree students.

Other studies
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Unite! University Alliance

Aalto University is a member of Unite! alliance together with eight other European universities.

Kolme ihmistä kävelee vierekkäin alas portaita.

FITech Network University

Study courses organised by Finnish universities of technology free of charge. Courses are aimed at all Finns and permanent residents of Finland.

Study at Aalto
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UniPID (external link)

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities to support interdisciplinary studies and research, societal impact and sustainable development.

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