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Planning your studies

In a joint degree programme, moving between two different universities creates a special need to be careful when planning studies and scheduling courses. Plans made at the beginning of the academic year regarding, for example, elective course choices may and will most likely change, but keep in mind that studies completed at a steady pace usually lead to better results than an unbalanced schedule.

We encourage you to communicate openly and well in advance about falling behind in your studies, or or if you recognize challenges in maintaining study motivation, struggle with coping or overwhelmedness with courses. Help is available, as long as you dare to ask for it.

Getting started with Sisu 

Study information system Sisu's tools, especially the personal study plan (also known as HOPS), timeline and study calendar help you visualize not only your study year at Aalto, but also the number of credits for the courses you will and need to take at the partner university. The study plan is unique for each student and can be updated according to the choices made during the academic year. 

You will learn about Sisu, making a study plan and registering for courses during the orientation week, but you can always turn to the programme study coordinator if you are unsure or need help.

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Sisu instructions: front page

The front page of Sisu instructions for students

Applications, instructions and guidelines
Sisu instructions main illustration

Quick guide on how to create a personal study plan on Sisu

How to create a personal study plan (HOPS) on Sisu

Applications, instructions and guidelines

Frequently asked questions in joint degree programmes

Support for study skills and well-being 

Challenges encountered during studies are not uncommon, and Aalto University has many different support services at your disposal. Please note that many of the services also operate remotely and students studying abroad at a partner university can use Aalto's services in the normal way, only virtually.

Opiskelijoiden tukeminen, ohjaus ja hyvinvointi

Student Services psychologist group

The Student Services psychologist group comprises Aalto’s study psychologists and the career counselling psychologist.


Support for career design and employment 

Completing your Master's degree and entering working life can cause a lot of questions and emotions from uncertainty to excitement. Reflecting on one's own interests and strengths is a continuous process, but also a process that benefits from special time dedicated to it or even reflection with an outsider. At Aalto University, the dedicated Career Services and working life experts support you in not only career planning, but also in preparing for job search and finding employment in Finland.

Career Design for Students

Career Design for Students

Career design is an experimental approach for creating a meaningful career path in the constantly changing world of work.

Career Design Lab
Punaisella taustalla JobTeaserin logo ja teksti Aalto University Career Services

Aalto JobTeaser (external link)

Aalto JobTeaser portal for job ads, career events and guidance

The Dean's List of the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering launched its annual Dean’s List in 2014 to recognize those bachelor’s and master’s degree students who have completed at least 60 credits in the School of Engineering during an academic year with a grade point average of at least 4.0. 

The idea behind the list is to commend students who have excelled in their studies and to motivate students to work toward their study goals. 

The Learning Services informs the Dean’s list students in the end of the calendar year and asks them for permission to publish their name on the Dean’s list board. The new Dean's List board will be published in the beginning of the next calendar year at Otakaari 4 building. In addition, a diploma signed by the Dean will be offered together with a Dean’s List overall patch.

Additional information: Mirka Jalonen, Manager of Academic Affairs, [email protected].

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