European Mining Course

Curriculum 2022-2024

Learning objectives

The aim of the programme is to:

  • provide one of the most comprehensive Mining Engineering degree programme in the world to respond to the demands of global market, and to serve as a driver for innovation and recruitment in the sustainable mining sector be a flagship for European excellence in Mining Engineering
  • provide a common pool of well-trained MSc graduates needed by global market and/or for potential PhD study
  • enhance innovation, research and entrepreneurship promote internationalization of education through the mobility of students and academics between the Parties and industrial partners.
  • enhance the quality of the MSc programmes of the Parties.

Graduates of the programme have:

  • good understanding of the key issues involved in designing underground and surface excavations.
  • Basic knowledge on the processing-related mineralogical and geological aspects of ores and industrial minerals, rock stability analyses, excavation and blasting techniques, mine ventilation and safety issues, data management and visualization of data. 
  • Good understanding of the fundamental properties of minerals and their relevance in mineral enrichment and recycling operations.
  • General understanding of the environmental footprint and diverse impacts of mining operations and an overview of underground waste disposal and backfilling methods. Good level of understanding of financial parameters to evaluate mining projects.

Mobility is an integrated and compulsory part of the programme (see mobility structure below). Upon completion of the programme, graduates may be awarded a Master of Science degree or similar by all the three partner universities (triple degree).

Degree structure

The degree consists of Major studies (European Mining Course, 90 ECTS) and Master’s thesis (30 ECTS). 

The EMC students follow the mobility schedule as follows: 

  Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3  Semester 4
EMC Aalto
RWTH Aachen
MSc thesis

The structure of the programme

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