European Mining Course

Curriculum 2024-2026

About the programme

Programme code: ENG221 CHEM212
Major code: ENG3077 / ENG3052
Programme director: Mikael Rinne / Rodrigo Serna
Responsible department: Civil Engineering / Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy

Degree structure

Master's Thesis

*) Including 30 ECTS of course work at each of the EMC partner universities (Aalto, RWTH Aachen, MU Leoben).

Course descriptions in Sisu

You can find course descriptions in Sisu. In your study plan, choose the course and click the course code or search courses by code or name. Learning environments are found in MyCourses through search or after registration in "My own courses".

The structure of the programme

Master's Thesis

The master’s thesis is written on a topic related to the advanced studies of the programme, agreed upon between the student and the supervising professor. The professors of the programme provide master’s thesis topics that are related to their current research activities. The student can also suggest his/her own topic to a supervisor.

The master’s thesis supervisor shall be one of the professors of Aalto University and the thesis advisor shall hold at least a master’s degree.

The master's thesis includes a presentation and maturity test. 

Please see further instructions on the master’s thesis and the related process at Thesis page under During your studies. Note: The student should follow the thesis instructions of their school. If the student’s Master’s thesis supervisor is from the School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM), their right to study will be transferred to CHEM and they should follow the thesis instructions of CHEM.

Code Course name ECTS Period
CE.thes / CHEM.thes Master's thesis 30 second year
ENG.matr / CHEM.matr Maturity test 0 second year

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