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JOIN.bsc Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar is a 10-credit study module that is completed during one study term (fall, spring, or summer) in the third year of studies. The work is divided across two periods to allow time for planning, conducting research, reading literature, writing & revising multiple drafts, and giving a thesis presentation. The bachelor’s thesis is written while attending the seminar with the objective of helping you develop your academic writing and research skills. 

After completing the Bachelor’s Thesis and Seminar, you will be able to show in-depth knowledge on a topic in your field through the Bachelor thesis and presentation. As well, you will search for, critically assess, and integrate sources into your writing, following standard international citation practices. You will also be able to identify the key academic language and organisational features of a Bachelor thesis. Finally, you will give feedback to peers and receive feedback from your peers and teachers, which is an important part of academic work and the learning process. 

The language of instruction in the seminar is English, and the thesis is written in English. Students who have been educated in Finnish or Swedish are required to write their maturity essay in the language of education (i.e., Finnish or Swedish).

More information on the Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar is provided to students during their studies in the programme. Once you register for JOIN.BSc, the MyCourses page will be visible to you. Visit the landing page for links to the topics and advisors in your major.

Bachelor's thesis seminar information session on 1.12.2023

Watch the recording to receive more information about the Bachelor's thesis seminar. 

Grading Rubric

Evaluation Guidelines for Bachelor Theses and evaluation form (pdf) (coming)

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