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Errors in approved theses are corrected on an errata page

Once the thesis has been approved and published on Aaltodoc, the file cannot be altered. If the contents of the thesis is found erroneous after the thesis has been approved, the error can be corrected on separate errata page.

Please note that you have to submit the final version of your thesis to the eAge system.

If the contents of your thesis, such as the text or a table, is found erroneous after the thesis has been approved, the errors can be corrected on a separate errata page ( Once your thesis has been approved, it cannot be altered or resubmitted to the eAge system. Instead, any errors found in it are collected on an errata page, which lists the page numbers of the errors and gives a corrected version of the text or item. The errata is attached to the thesis metatext in the Aaltodoc publication archive (

Please follow the instructions below.

  • Write the errata and save it in PDF/A format (not PDF/A-3).
  • You can download a Word-format errata template from Aaltodoc.
  • The errata must include the following details: the thesis author and thesis title, page number of the error and a corrected version of the text or item.
  • Please send the errata page to your thesis supervisor to obtain their approval for it.
    • If you cannot reach your supervisor, send the errata to the learning services of your school (addresses provided below).
    • send the supervisor’s approval to [email protected]
  • Append your approved errata page to the metadata of your thesis on Aaltodoc in accordance with the instructions given on Aaltodoc.
    • If prompted, log into Aaltodoc using your Aalto username and password; you will find the link in the top right corner of the page.
    • If you no longer have a valid Aalto username and password, request a one-time login link from [email protected]
    • Append the errata page to your thesis in Aaltodoc using the form on Aaltodoc.
    • Log out.
  • The errata page is now be visible on Aaltodoc together with your thesis.

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