Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology

Recommended timetable

There are recommended timetable for all your studies in your bachelor's degree. If you follow the recommended curriculum timetable, you can be sure that you have completed all the necessary studies in order for you to graduate as Bachelor of Science.

For first year students there are also recommended study timetable for the whole first year. You can always find the most updated information about the courses in MyCourses and in SISU.

Academic year 2022-2023

Academic years 2020-2022

Abbreviations and codes explained

Days of the week

Ma   Monday
Ti     Tuesday
Ke    Wednesday
To    Thursday
Pe    Friday

Building codes

Please see the campus map.

R001/D = Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, Lecture Hall D
R001/VT1 is a "virtual space", which means the teaching is online.

Abbreviations in teaching events

L1, L2, L01... Lecture
S Seminar
H1, H2, H01... Exercises
A01, A02, A1, ATK1 Computer class (exercise)
VK1, VK2 Midterm exam 1, 2, etc.
KT Course exam (no registration)
T01, T02, T1.. Examination


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