Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology

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Graduating as a Bachelor

You may apply for graduation through the personal study plan (HOPS) inside Sisu. Graduation is applied for based on the current version of your primary study plan. The study plan is mandatory, because degree certificates in Sisu are based on the student’s plan and the graduation application made through it.

When you have finished all the studies for the Bachelor's degree:

  1. Check that your study plan is up to date and approved in Sisu. If there is a problem with approval or the study plan, please get in touch with Learning Services as soon as possible.
  2. Apply for graduation in Sisu. To apply for graduation, fill out the graduation request. The deadline for submitting your application is also the date of graduation on your degree certificate (see the schedule below). All your grades needs to be registered before you request graduation. Note that you must be enrolled as present on your date of graduation. View the Sisu graduation
  3. Remember to respond to the national bachelor’s degree feedback survey (link provided upon applying for graduation), link
  4. Include your choice of master’s programme in your graduation application. If, for any reason, you are in eligible for the programme given in your graduation application, we will contact you and ask for an alternative master’s programme.
  5. If need, apply tuition fee waiver for your master’s studies in the graduation request. Please note that you can apply only tuition fee waiver in this application and other scholarship are assigned elsewhere. Tuition fee waiver decision is provided in the graduation email. Read more about the scholarship.
  6. Sign up for the graduation ceremony. You will be invited to the graduation ceremony via email.
  7. Participate in the graduation ceremony or collect your degree certificate from Learning Services
  8. Continue your studies in your master’s programmeView the instructions on creating your personal study plan for master’s studies.

Graduation schedule

For your graduation process to proceed smoothly and for you to be able to graduate according to your plans, please make sure your HOPS in Sisu is up-to-date and approved. Ensure that your HOPS is based on the new, updated template and that all the required parts have been approved at least three weeks before the graduation request deadline.

Continuing to a master's programme

You are entitled to continue your studies at the master’s level after completing the bachelor’s degree. Below you will find the master's programmes to which you are directly entitled to enter. When you submit your graduation request on Sisu, you will also select the master’s programme you want to continue in. If you are tuition fee liable student, you can also inform on graduation request if you want to apply for a scholarship for your master's studies. You can find the application criteria and more details on the scholarship page.

Students have under certain conditions the opportunity to continue their studies in another school/ master's programme than their original study right was valid for. You can find more information about that option in the end of the page.

School of Science organized master's programme information session on 17.11.2022. Please see the session slides to receive more information about graduation, tuition fee waiver and continuing to a master's programme.

Scholarships for bachelor’s degree graduates continuing in the Aalto master’s programmes

Tuition fee liable students who graduate from an Aalto University bachelor’s programme taught in English may receive an Aalto University scholarship for master’s studies. The scholarship is available only for Aalto master’s programmes to which the student has a direct right to study, i.e. without applying through an external admissions procedure. More information on the scholarship page.


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