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ARTS international internships

Information about international internships for students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

The University of Art, Design and Architecture supports the professional development and internationalization of students (Bachelor's and Master's level) by granting scholarships for internships abroad.

Please note that work at a Finnish embassy, ​​permanent mission or cultural institute in another country counts as an internship in Finland.

International practice promotes:

• your working life skills, your knowledge of the work culture in your field and your expertise

• your work experience in your field and your opportunities on the labor market

• your understanding of working in an international environment and foreign cultures

• your language skills

• your networks and contacts in your field.

The application process:

Start the application process by planning the internship and looking for a suitable employer. Once the place is secured, check if you can get a scholarship for it. Read more about the process and start planning well in advance!

Application period: all internships have an ongoing application, your application should be submitted at least two weeks before the internship begins.

For whom:

To apply for the internship grants, you must be registered as a degree student at bachelor's or master's level at Aalto University, and you must not have received an internship grant during your studies at Aalto University before. In addition, you must meet the general terms and conditions for the scholarship (see the general terms and conditions below).

The applicant's nationality has no bearing on any of the scholarships, but it is not possible to receive an Erasmus scholarship for an internship in one's own home country. Other scholarships may be granted for studies in the student's home country, subject to consideration.

All internship grants are awarded for internships aimed at developing the trainee's knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Suitable employers:

Company or private organization, public organization or university. Note that the Erasmus scholarships for internships are not granted to the following organisations: organizations within the European Union, organizations administering EU programs (e.g. national agencies), diplomatic missions of the student's home country abroad (embassies, consulates).


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