‘In electrical engineering you can build a more responsible and smarter future’

Student Emmaleena Ahonen feels that the future of the field looks sunny because skills and knowledge are needed even in unexpected fields
Electrical engineering student Emmaleena Ahonen.
Emmaleena thinks that the technical field provides the tools for making dreams come true. Picture: Emmaleena Ahonen.

Emmaleena Ahonen has been very satisfied that she decided to apply to study electronics and electrical engineering. She has taken full advantage of student life and has served on the executive of the Guild of Electrical Engineering for two years already. Emmaleena sees the guild as another family where she can have unforgettable experiences.

Why did you choose electronics and electrical engineering?

In upper secondary school, I thought about many other possibilities, such as international universities and business studies. At my matriculation examination in mathematics, I realised that I wanted to study technology. I started to examine options on the Aalto website and decided to apply to major in electronics and electrical engineering. It seemed that this would offer extensive knowledge and opportunities to do just about anything. I could not imagine a better option.

What is student life like in practice?

Student life and especially work at the guild really mean very much to me. There are different kinds of organisations and guilds at Aalto which bring together students studying in the same field. I am part of the Guild of Electrical Engineering (Sähköinsinöörikilta).

The guild has allowed me to travel, to have magnificent experiences, and to learn things that cannot be learned by listening to lectures. Working with the guild, I get to organise big events and to direct and manage associations. The guild has become something of a second family for me.

This year I have served as the guild's head of freshman activities, which really has been a lot of fun. Our task is to ensure that new students know what student life and being a tech student are all about. For example, we produced a freshmen's guide, and we have organised events and orientations of different kinds. This year we have primarily had remote events and some very small ones. 

My knowledge of electrical engineering and my education at Aalto University are appreciated in working life. 

Emmaleena Ahonen

What has been the most interesting course?

As an undergraduate, I was especially fond of mathematics courses, as maths has always been my thing. Writing my bachelor's thesis was also really cool, as I was able to learn about the topic that I chose myself with the support of a professional. 

The most interesting master's course so far has been the Translational Engineering Forum course where I was able to work as the head of a project. The lectures of the course were really interesting, and there were also many visiting lecturers. We kept learning diary during the course and the professor gave everyone personal feedback at two-week intervals based on the diary. The course allowed us to really think about things and to develop ourselves! 

What tools you have gotten from your studies to working life?

My studies have had a concrete benefit for me in my present work as the head of a project in the company Profit Software. There I have learned much about automation, project management, and agile programme development. In a few years, I have managed to develop from being a trainee to heading an international project, which I am really excited about. My knowledge of electrical engineering and my education at Aalto University are appreciated in working life. 

My studies in electrical engineering are quite demanding, but they are good preparation for very many things. Success at the most demanding courses boosts confidence in being able to succeed in challenging situations at work as well.  

How do you see the future of the field?

The future of the field looks truly sunny! Our employment situation is particularly good. People who are skilled in technology and electricity are needed in many different fields, including medicine, space research, and the energy sector. Skills and knowledge are needed, sometimes in surprising places, such as financial technologies, where I work myself. An education in electrical engineering opens the doors to the world while laying the foundations for a life that is limited only by the imagination. 

I recommend the field for those who want to leave an imprint and to be involved in building a more responsible and smarter future. For those in upper secondary school, my recommendation is: dare to dream – the technical field will certainly provide the tools for making dreams come true! 

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