Computer render of the stage and canopy on Kuhmo market, with people standing around. Sunlight from behind. Steps at front.

Kide – Wood Program

Kide is a design and construction project addressing the need for an outdoor event space in Kuhmo, a city in eastern Finland known for hosting several music festivals each year. The town, surrounded by forests and nature, has a lively tradition of timber architecture and industry. Kide ('ice crystal' in Finnish) references themes related to nature in its form and materiality, through the use of fractal geometry and local timber for its construction.

With its distinct design, the structure will be used by performers as well as local residents in their day-to-day market activities.

Kide is the Wood Program's 30th anniversary project. Each year, students of the program both design and build a project out of timber. This year, the added challenge is an 8-hour drive between our workshop and the site, meaning prefabrication, transportation and assembly need extra careful consideration. Read more on these pages about the design and the team, and follow our process through our blog below or on Instagram!

Kide blog

Students wearing helmets outside in the snow, with a large part of the timber structure next to a crane.
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Full scale structure test

We made a mockup of one of Kide's four trusses at full scale.
Students walking around the mockup of the stage layout, made with tape in a parking lot
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Developing the plan

To test Kide's shape and size, we mocked up a full scale layout outside.
View of exhibition space showing wooden frames
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Wood Program exhibition

Work from our first four months in the Wood Program was exhibited.
Student presenting stage proposal for Kuhmo city representatives
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Stage design competition

Each student designed a proposal for the new stage.


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Architect doing handson work at the Wood Program of Aalto University. Photo by Anne Kinnunen

Wood Program

The Wood Program is a one-year program of study that focuses on wood architecture and industrial building. The program is intended for architects, engineers and other students with a background in design and strong interest in timber construction.

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