Wood Program

Architect doing handson work at the Wood Program of Aalto University. Photo by Anne Kinnunen

Wood Program

The Wood Program is a one-year program of study that focuses on wood architecture and industrial building. The curriculum is intended for architects, engineers and other students with a background in design and strong interest in timber. Applicants with equivalent professional experience and/or three years of study may also be considered.

All Wood Program studies are officially registered and transferable, providing 60 ECTS per year. The program is organized in cooperation with the Aalto University Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems as well as the Department of Civil Engineering.

Previous Projects

A•LAVA summer theatre under constuction by the Wood Program at Aalto University. Photos: Marc Goodwin & Philip Tidwell

A•LAVA Project Information

A•LAVA is a summer theatre built to serve the needs of Annantalo, a Youth Arts Centre in Helsinki.

Wood Program
One module of the Kokoon living unit being moved by crane, Wood Program, Photos: Anne Kinnune, Tuomas Uusheimo, Marc Goodwin, Juho Haavisto

Kokoon Project Information

Kokoon is a modular living unit built to address the current housing situation in Finland.

Wood Program
Under the Säie pavilion by the Wood Program, Photo: Kimmo Räisänen

Säie Project Information

The Säie pavilion was designed to provide a covered space for workshops, lectures, eating and lounging in the center of the city. It was created on the Wood Program at Aalto University.

Wood Program

The current Wood Program Project

Computer render of the stage and canopy on Kuhmo market, with people standing around. Sunlight from behind. Steps at front.

Kide – Wood Program

Kide is a performance stage for the market of Kuhmo, designed and built by students of the Wood Program 2024.

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A Band playing on the stage of the A•LAVA summer theatre. Photos: Marc Goodwin, Philip Tidwell

Wood Program - experiments and experiences

The Wood Program is a one-year program of study that focuses on wood architecture and industrial building. Wood Program introduces their work through years.

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2023 hero image. Graphic design Veera Kemppainen.

Invisible: From a mini-sized supersensor to a forgotten building material - the exhibition will make the invisible visible

See the future in a whole new way at the Designs for a Cooler Planet festival this September. The theme, "Invisible," encourages us to look beyond the surface and consider what lies beneath.

Kuva: Mikko Raskinen

Architecture students designed a wooden pavilion in front of the Design Museum

The pavilion is a Finnish-British modern interpretation of a tea house.

Student teamwork at Aalto University. Image: Unto Raunio

Department of Architecture

We train professionals to design human-centred environments.

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