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Aalto Service Platform

Aalto Service Platform enables the building of cross-functional digital services for Aalto. It is an enabler for user-centric service development and data-driven operations across Aalto.

What is Aalto Service Platform? 

Service Platform is a unified digital platform that can handle several digital services, processes and workflows in Aalto.  

Aalto University has procured Salesforce technology to build the Service Platform on. Service Platform will - gradually - be taken into use in various processes and replace several legacy systems at Aalto. 

Service Platform is an important part of Digital Aalto roadmap and the first implementation area is teaching and learning.  

Development of Service Platform 

  1. Service Platform development started in February 2020.
  2. Currently the development for various Aalto processes and services is implemented in Service Platform program under Aalto Enablers and IT governance model. 
  3. During 2020-2021 development work focused on learning services.
  4. In 2022 also other Aalto services and processes will be supported by Service Platform. 

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