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Operations and Service Management

We provide valuable new knowledge on design, management, and development of products, services, processes and supply chains.
DIEM Operations and Service Management

Operations and service management research area aims at increasing understanding of how to manage and develop operations in a world of advanced industrial and service systems characterized by increased information intensity, network forms of organizations, and need for lifecycle management of assets.

Our research focuses on operations strategy, management of multi-actor service systems and operational innovations, management of project and solution business, and management of external resource networks in global, technology based business context.

Professors in Operations and Service Management


Kirsi Aaltonen, Associate professor of Project Management at University of Oulu, Industrial Engineering and Management
Research interests: stakeholder and uncertainty management in complex projects, the application of lean tools in integrated project deliveries and institutional change in project-based industries
Contact information: [email protected]

Jaakko Kujala,  Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu
Research interests: project business, management of complex interorganizational project networks, simulation and modelling
Contact information: [email protected]

Osmo Kuusi, PhD, University of Turku (UTU)
Research interests: futures research and innovation research
Contact information: [email protected], tel. +358503720829

Marja Toivonen, PhD,Docent
Research interests: service development andservice innovation
Contact information: [email protected]

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