Paul Lillrank

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
T307 Dept. Industrial Engineering and Management

Professor Lillrank has conducted research on quality management in several service industries, such as software, telecom, airlines and retailing. He has been a pioneer in introducing industrial management methods to the study of health service production. He has co-founded the Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Management and Architecture (HEMA) at Aalto, and The Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG), a consultancy.

His research interests are within Health Systems Science, particularly service process analysis and improvement, knowledge integration, segmentation principles, value-based care, regional service supply systems, and frugal innovations. Professor Lillrank has recently published the seminal textbook: The Logics of Healthcare – The Practitioner’s Guide to Health Systems Science (Francis & Taylor 2018).

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Knight, First Class, of the Order of the White Rose of Finland

Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Jan 2007


The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare booking and cancellation patterns : time series analysis of private healthcare service utilisation in Finland

Oskar Niemenoja, Antti Jussi Ämmälä, Sari Riihijärvi, Paul Lillrank, Petri Bono, Simo Taimela 2024

Digital primary care visits designed for different patient segments in the pre-pandemic era: A scoping review

Sanna Lakoma , Laura Pitkänen, Kaisa Lahdensuo , Paul Lillrank, Paulus Torkki 2023

A realist evaluation of policy interventions to reduce public subsidies of private dental care in Finland

Märt Vesinurm, Olli Halminen, Miika Linna, Hennamari Mikkola, Paul Lillrank 2023

Cost-effectiveness of a digital care pathway for multiple sclerosis in Finland

M Vesinurm, Anna Maunula, P Olli, P Lillrank, Sari Atula, Petra Ijäs, Laura Mäkitie, Sini Laakso 2023

Patient Journey Disruptions: The Obstacle of Integrated and Coordinated Care

Märt Vesinurm, Inka Sylgren, Annika Bengts, Paulus Torkki, Paul Lillrank 2023

Personalized care with mass production efficiency

Paul Lillrank, Fares Georges Khalil, Annika Bengts, An Chen, Perttu Kontunen, Satu Kaleva, Paulus Torkki 2022

A qualitative study on professionals' attitudes and views towards the introduction of patient reported measures into public maternity care pathway

An Chen, Kirsi Väyrynen, Riikka Leena Leskelä, Seppo Heinonen, Paul Lillrank, Aydin Tekay, Paulus Torkki 2021