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Fundamentals and practical impact of AI on businesses and societies.
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AI is a major focus area of Aalto University and the Department of Computer Science. Building on the department's strong tradition that includes neural network pioneers Teuvo Kohonen and Erkki Oja.

Our research contributes both to the fundamentals of AI across its many subfields, as well as to the accelerating practical impact AI has on businesses and societies.

The Department of Computer Science is a key player in the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI, a major ecosystem of academic, private and public sector partners.

Machine Learning Coffee Seminar
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Engineering enzymes with AI

A research team from Aalto University and VTT will construct a virtual laboratory for enzyme engineering, which will allow human-AI collaboration to flourish.

Kuvituskuvassa on vaaleanpunaisella pohjalla mustavalkoiset ihmiskasvot ja niiden yläpuolella sinisävyinen piirroskuva aivoista. Kasvojen ympärillä on yksittäisiä sanoja kuten "jungle" ja "tomato" sekä aivosähkökäyrää symboloiva aaltoviiva.

Artificial intelligence to assist the brain

Neuroscience and neurotechnology are gaining a fresh ally in the form of artificial intelligence, which can assess dementia risk and enhance the effectiveness of depression treatments.


Forbes AI Award to research on image-creating GAN models

The magazine pays tribute to the development of a model that starkly reduces the amount of data needed for generating new, artificial images


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Latest publications

Likelihood-free inference in state-space models with unknown dynamics

Alexander Aushev, Thong Tran, Henri Pesonen, Andrew Howes, Samuel Kaski 2024 STATISTICS AND COMPUTING

Generative AI for graph-based drug design: Recent advances and the way forward

Vikas Garg 2024 Current Opinion in Structural Biology

Risk adjustment for regional healthcare funding allocations with ensemble methods : an empirical study and interpretation

Tuukka Holster, Shaoxiong Ji, Pekka Marttinen 2024 European Journal of Health Economics

Single-cell analysis of immune recognition in chronic myeloid leukemia patients following tyrosine kinase inhibitor discontinuation

Jani Huuhtanen, Shady Adnan-Awad, Jason Theodoropoulos, Sofia Forstén, Rebecca Warfvinge, Olli Dufva, Jonas Bouhlal, Parashar Dhapola, Hanna Duàn, Essi Laajala, Tiina Kasanen, Jay Klievink, Mette Ilander, Taina Jaatinen, Ulla Olsson-Strömberg, Henrik Hjorth-Hansen, Andreas Burchert, Göran Karlsson, Anna Kreutzman, Harri Lähdesmäki, Satu Mustjoki 2024 Leukemia

Detecting and diagnosing prior and likelihood sensitivity with power-scaling

Noa Kallioinen, Topi Paananen, Paul Christian Bürkner, Aki Vehtari 2024 STATISTICS AND COMPUTING

Self-Supervised Forecasting in Electronic Health Records with Attention-Free Models

Yogesh Kumar, Alexander Ilin, Henri Salo, Sangita Kulathinal, Maarit K. Leinonen, Pekka Marttinen 2024 IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

A comparative study of clinical trial and real-world data in patients with diabetic kidney disease

Samu Kurki, Viivi Halla-aho, Manuel Haussmann, Harri Lähdesmäki, Jussi V. Leinonen, Miika Koskinen 2024 Scientific Reports

Meta-classifier free negative sampling for extreme multilabel classification

Mohammadreza Mohammadnia Qaraei, Rohit Babbar 2024 Machine Learning
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