Department of Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems (AISS)

Increasing computational power and interconnectivity of computing systems and the society's infrastructure have lead to unprecedented opportunities to deploy information technology for improving all of society's functions.
The key to more advanced software and information technologies is in powerful software technologies developed in A.I. and other currently very active areas of computer science.
Computer components, photo: Matti Ahlgren/Aalto Univesity

The A.I. and Software Systems (AISS) research group focuses on computing technologies for designing, building and managing intelligent systems. The long term goal is highly automated production and management of software systems as well as physical systems and infrastructure controlled by software. Conventional software technologies are sufficient in many domains, but their inflexibility and high cost are an obstacle to their deployment more widely. Instead, software technologies developed in A.I. and related areas are needed to achieve more intelligent and more manageable software.

The group's technological expertise is in the following areas:

  • automated reasoning, constraint programming
  • automated decision-making and planning
  • diagnosis
  • knowledge representation and reasoning

On the application side, the current interests of the groups are in the following domains.

  • A.I. in software engineering
  • automated software synthesis
  • distributed systems' monitoring, diagnosis, and intelligent control


EIAI - Engineered Information Systems with A.I. (Business Finland 2018-2019)

aitocode - commercialization project of the EIAI technology


Lukas Ahrenberg

University Teacher

Saurabh Fadnis

Doctoral Researcher
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