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Industrial Chemistry

Prof. Yongdan Li leads the Research Group of Industrial Chemistry. Our group focuses on teaching and research related to chemical reaction engineering and reactor design.
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Research Focus:

The group of Industrial Chemistry focuses on the principles of chemical convertors and those of the processes based on chemical convertors.

The group is active with two categories of projects:

  1. Improving the performance of existing commercial chemical convertors and the understanding on the governing factors, e.g. the mechanical strength of solid catalyst and the mechanical reliability of the catalytic convertors; improvement of the performance of DeNOx, three-way and hydrogen production catalysts and convertors.
  2. Promoting the commercialization of promising new reactions through revealing the limiting factors, e.g. lignocellulose fractionation and transformation to chemicals and fuels; photo-catalytic water splitting; advanced batteries; solid oxide fuel cells with direct carbon and hydrocarbon fuels; methane catalytic decomposition to hydrogen and nano-carbons and NO direct decomposition.

Teaching tasks:

  • CHEM-E7150 - Reaction Engineering
  • CHEM-E7135 - Reactor Design


The open vacancies in the Industrial Chemistry group

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Past events:

Workshop on Catalytic Reactions with Ion Transfer through Interfaces

Welcome to Workshop on Catalytic Reactions with Ion Transfer through Interfaces (ITICAT2019), organized in August 15 - 17, 2019, as a pre-conference of EuropaCat2019. 

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Latest publications from the Industrial Chemistry group

The latest publications from the Industrial Chemistry research group.

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Latest publications:

A compact and seal-less direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell stack stepping into practical application

Qianyang Chen, Qianyuan Qiu, Xiaomin Yan, Mingyang Zhou, Yapeng Zhang, Zhijun Liu, Weizi Cai, Wei Wang, Jiang Liu 2020 Applied Energy

A highly active Ni/Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 anode catalyst with a three-dimensionally ordered macroporous structure for solid oxide fuel cells

Tian Gan, Xinqiang Fan, Ye Liu, Chengyu Wang, Haoran Mei, Lijun Fan, Nianjun Hou, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry A

A high performing perovskite cathode with in situ exsolved Co nanoparticles for H2O and CO2 solid oxide electrolysis cell

Juanjuan Gan, Nianjun Hou, Tongtong Yao, Lijun Fan, Tian Gan, Zhiyong Huang, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li 2020 Catalysis Today

Improved activity of oxygen in Ni-Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-delta anode for solid oxide fuel cell with Pr doping

Zhiyong Huang, Lijun Fan, Nianjun Hou, Tian Gan, Juanjuan Gan, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li 2020 Journal of Power Sources

Pivotal role of N and Bi doping in CQD/Mn3O4composite structure with outstanding visible photoactivity

Ghulam Sughra Jamila, Shamaila Sajjad, Sajjad Ahmed Khan Leghari, Yongdan Li 2020 New Journal of Chemistry

Phosphorus-Modified Mesoporous Inorganic Materials for Production of Hydrocarbon Fuels and Value-Added Chemicals

Saravanan Kasipandi, Mansoor Ali, Yongdan Li, Jong Wook Bae 2020 ChemCatChem

Synthesis of graphene-based biopolymer tio2 electrodes using pyrolytic direct deposition method and its catalytic performance

Parminder Kaur, Sana Frindy, Yuri Park, Mika Sillanpää, Monzur A. Imteaz 2020 CATALYSTS

Methane and Natural Gas Utilization

Yongdan Li, Götz Veser 2020 Energy Technology

Amorphous cobalt-cerium binary metal oxides as high performance electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction

Lili Pan, Qingqing Wang, Yongdan Li, Cuijuan Zhang 2020 Journal of Catalysis

Preface: ICEC&EECAT2018_Environmental

Atsushi Satsuma, Xingang Li, Zebao Rui, Yongdan Li, Sihui Zhan 2020 Catalysis Today
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