Workshop on Catalytic Reactions with Ion Transfer through Interfaces

Welcome to Workshop on Catalytic Reactions with Ion Transfer through Interfaces (ITICAT2019), organized in August 15 - 17, 2019, as a pre-conference of EuropaCat2019. 
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News of ITICAT2019

Poster Presenter Guidelines: the recommended poster size accordingly is 120 cm high x 90 cm wide.

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Confirmed invited speakers of ITICAT2019

ITICAT2019 will include invited lectures by the first-rate scholars worldwide.

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Program of ITICAT2019

Draft program of the ITICAT2019 has been published.

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Abstract submission and registration ITICAT2019

Abstract submission for ITICAT2019 has been opened.
Registration and payment will be opened on 26 March, 2019.

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Catalytic reactions with ion transfer through interfaces have been a dynamic research topic for a long time both in catalysis and chemical reaction engineering. In recent several decades, the knowledge accumulated on such topics has facilitated the fast development of energy transformation and storage technologies. In a number of applications, e.g. proton exchange membrane fuel cells, lithium-batteries, membrane and photo-catalytic reactors for chemical production and pollutant abatement, reactions with ion transfer have already become the core of the technologies in fast commercial penetration. In recent years, we are also experiencing fast, exciting and potentially high impact progresses on such topics as solid oxide fuel cells, water splitting cells, new concept batteries and supercapacitors.

With the encouragement of the organizing committee of the EUROPACAT 2019, colleagues at Aalto University decided to organize this workshop as a pre-conference of the main conference. The purpose is to offer a forum to present the new breakthroughs and to exchange the fundamental understandings on the steps and kinetics of such catalytic reactions. As the professors of an engineering school, the organizers especially encourage communications on the design principles of the reactors for such reactions, i.e. those with ion transfer through interfaces.

Middle of August is the best season of Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland, offering a beautiful maritime scenery, world-renowned architectural designs as well as a bustling city scene. Helsinki is also the best place for the linkage of different continents with frequent connects globally. Dipoli building, the conference venue, is a fine representative of Finnish architecture and locates in the university’s Otaniemi campus in the city of Espoo, which is the most sustainable city of Europe. From Dipoli, it takes about 15 min to reach Helsinki city center by metro or taxi.  

A number of colleagues in Aalto, working on the principles and processes of energy transformation and storage, would like to extend their warmest hospitality to host colleagues coming from all over the world.  In this way, we also make our contribution to the success of the EUROPACAT 2019.

On behalf of all the organizers, I would appreciate greatly your coming and your contribution to the workshop “Catalytic Reactions with Ion Transfer through Interfaces”.


Yongdan Li

Professor of Industrial Chemistry

Aalto University, Finland


Topics for the parallel sessions and abstract submission:

  1. Catalysis and ion transfer in photo-stimulated reactions
  2. Catalysis and ion transfer in fuel cells
  3. Catalysis and interfacial steps in batteries
  4. Coupling of catalysis and membrane processes
  5. Catalysis with ion transfer in other energy and chemical processes
  6. Hydrogen and ammonia as the energy carriers

Submission of abstracts and participation to the workshop are welcome for all the colleagues in catalysis over the world. Nevertheless, a submission can only be considered as a poster submission, if it cannot be catalogued into the six topics of the workshop.

Key dates

  • 1st December, 2018: Announcement of the event
  • 15th January, 2019: Opening of abstract submission
  • 10th March, 2019: Opening of the online payment for registration fee and booking the tickets for reception and banquet
  • 14th May, 2019: Deadline for abstract submission of oral presentations
  • 15th May, 2019: Deadline for early bird registration
  • 14th June, 2019: Deadline for booking tickets of reception and banquet, while the online payment for registration fee still possible
  • 15th July, 2019: Posting of the final program
  • 31th July, 2019: Closing the online payment system
  • 15th August, 2019: Opening of the workshop at 13:30

Publication of the full papers in special issues

A special issue of Catalysis Today has been committed as:

Topic: Catalytic Reactions with Ion Transfer through Interfaces

Guest Editors: Dr. Cuijuan Zhang, Associate Professor of Tianjin University, China, email:  [email protected]; Dr. HISATOMI Takashi, Professor of Shinshu University, Japan, email: [email protected]; Dr. Sibudjing Kawi, Professor of National University of Singapore, Singapore, email: [email protected]; Dr. Fei Wei, Professor of Tsinghua University, China, email: [email protected]; Dr. Yongdan Li, Professor of Aalto University, Finland, email: [email protected]

Another special issue is in negotiation with high impact journals.


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