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A highly active Ni/Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 anode catalyst with a three-dimensionally ordered macroporous structure for solid oxide fuel cells

Tian Gan, Xinqiang Fan, Ye Liu, Chengyu Wang, Haoran Mei, Lijun Fan, Nianjun Hou, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Improved activity of oxygen in Ni-Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-delta anode for solid oxide fuel cell with Pr doping

Zhiyong Huang, Lijun Fan, Nianjun Hou, Tian Gan, Juanjuan Gan, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li 2020 Journal of Power Sources

Pivotal role of N and Bi doping in CQD/Mn3O4composite structure with outstanding visible photoactivity

Ghulam Sughra Jamila, Shamaila Sajjad, Sajjad Ahmed Khan Leghari, Yongdan Li 2020 New Journal of Chemistry

Amorphous cobalt-cerium binary metal oxides as high performance electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction

Lili Pan, Qingqing Wang, Yongdan Li, Cuijuan Zhang 2020 Journal of Catalysis

High Performance Catalysts BaCoO3−CeO2 Prepared by the One-Pot Method for NO Direct Decomposition

Pingping Xie, Xin Yong, Miao Wei, Yongdan Li, Cuijuan Zhang 2020 ChemCatChem

Coking resistant Ni–La0.8Sr0.2FeO3 composite anode improves the stability of syngas-fueled SOFC

Xueli Yao, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li, Peter D. Lund 2020 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Two-dimensional metal-organic framework nanosheets-modified porous separator for non-aqueous redox flow batteries

Jiashu Yuan, Cuijuan Zhang, Tao Liu, Yihan Zhen, Zheng Ze Pan, Yongdan Li 2020 Journal of Membrane Science

A high-performance all-iron non-aqueous redox flow battery

Yihan Zhen, Cuijuan Zhang, Jiashu Yuan, Yicheng Zhao, Yongdan Li 2020 Journal of Power Sources

Catalytic depolymerization of a lignin-rich corncob residue into aromatics in supercritical ethanol over an alumina-supported nimo alloy catalyst

Yunfei Bai, Kai Cui, Yushuai Sang, Kai Wu, Fei Yan, Fuhang Mai, Zewei Ma, Zhe Wen, Hong Chen, Mengmeng Chen, Yongdan Li 2019 Energy and Fuels

A novel study of sulfur-resistance for CO 2 separation through asymmetric ceramic-carbonate dual-phase membrane at high temperature

Tianjia Chen, Zhigang Wang, Sonali Das, Lina Liu, Yongdan Li, Sibudjing Kawi, Y. S. Lin 2019 Journal of Membrane Science
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