Alumna Aigerim Nukenova: Student Business Project was a valuable and beneficial experience for me

School of Business alumna Aigerim Nukenova studied in the Information and Service Management master’s programme, and now works as a Data Analyst at Fixably. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and sauna, and jogging in nature.
School of Business alumna Aigerim Nukekova in the forest.
School of Business alumna Aigerim Nukenova.

Who are you and what did you study at Aalto University School of Business? How did you become interested in studying in Finland?

I am Aigerim Nukenova. I studied in the Information Service and Management master’s Program at Aalto University School of Business during 2017-2019.

I started my studies in Finland at Ressun lukio high school (IB World School) in Helsinki before applying to study for a bachelor's degree in International Business at Aalto University School of Business’s Mikkeli campus. My mother moved to Finland a few years before me. Having heard good things about the country from my mother, I’ve always wanted to study in Finland since my middle school years.
What has been especially important or useful during your studies in regard to employment?

Aalto University’s high reputation among employers, and hands-on skills and knowledge gained from the master’s courses have been especially important. Additionally, I think studies at Aalto helped me to improve my time management and communication skills as I was active in a student club during my student years.

Aigerim Nukekova on the stairs.
M.Sc. Aigerim Nukenova.

During your studies, you did a Customized Student Business Project for Konecranes. How was this experience? What kind of benefits and learnings did you get from the project?

The experience was valuable and beneficial for me in different aspects. First, I got to apply my data analysis on a real data set. Second, I got working experience while being a student, which was also beneficial for increasing chances of my future employment. Third, I worked with students from other majors at Aalto University. It was fun and I learned a lot from them.

You work as a Data Analyst at Fixably. How did you end up in your current position? What kind of work assignments do you have?

At my current role, I am responsible for all internal reporting within my company including financial, customer support, sales, and marketing reports.

I applied for the job online, completed an assignment, went through a couple of interview rounds, and got selected. Also, I’m very thankful to Tommi Vihervaara, our project manager from the Konecranes project, for providing me with a recommendation for this position.

In the Customized Student Business Project I got to apply my data analysis on a real data set.

Aigerim Nukenova, School of Business alumna
BIZ alumna Aigerim Nukekova.
Alumna Aigerim Nukenova.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like swimming and going to sauna, doing yoga, drawing with pencils and watercolors, and walking and jogging in nature.

What kind of tips or advice would you give for current international students in finding employment in Finland?

To increase your chances to get employed I would recommend acquiring practical skills, making friends at university, attending networking events, learning Finnish, being proactive, and participating in projects, such as Customized Student Business Project, during your studies.

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