Creativity and Collaboration: Transforming the Impossible

How creativity and collaboration foster transformation in business and society at large? We welcome all interested to join our seminar.
Aalto Radical Creatives, Photo: Lina Jelanski

The full programme is published in early August. 

Creativity is a force that enables transformation and fosters resilience in business and society at large. It drives innovation and enables people to see possibilities where others see limitations. 

This event brings together academic, societal, and business representatives across sectors to share a vision of creating sustainable futures through collaborative creative approaches. Whether harnessing cross-sectoral collaborations or tapping into the creative potential of individuals and company cultures, they all agree that creative practices have an undeniable ability to bridge gaps and shape a better future.

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Please do not hesitate to contact Project Coordinator Ida Muhonen at [email protected]


This seminar is organised and hosted by two Business Finland and NextGenerationEU funded co-research projects. It is also part of the Aalto University Designs for Cooler Planet festival. 

Creative Leap: Creativity as a competitive advantage in business (2024-2025) explores ways to measure and manage creativity and assess its business impact. The project focuses on creative activities in both, organisational and individual context. The aim is to generate significant added value and competitive advantage for Finnish companies. 

Luova Lämpiö (2024-2025) aims to change and expand the landscape of collaborations between different sectors, facilitate experimental environments for forming novel partnerships, and research best facilitation practices and fair contracting.

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Tuomas Auvinen Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Can creativity be measured, managed and thus grow a business? Researchers join forces with Finnish companies

The Creative Leap research project, funded by Business Finland, aims to make creativity visible in business.

Anniina Suominen Photo: Evelin Kask

Novel solutions for cross-sector collaboration: exploring Artpreneurship

Aalto researchers collaborate with businesses and creative professionals in a research project aimed at finding solutions to growth challenges.

Designer Noora Yau's shimmering wood chrystals. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

From space technology and shimmering wood to shapeshifting textiles – explore world-changing research in the brand new Marsio building

The Makers of the Impossible exhibition and the Designs for a Cooler Planet festival will kick off the autumn season at Marsio – Aalto University’s brand new, open-to-all campus venue.

Confetti and festive colorful ribbons in Helsinki

Radical Creativity

Dive into the ambiguous concept of radical creativity! Explore its many levels to find out what it means to you in the context of your personal identity, in relation to others, and within complex societal challenges.

Aalto University Summer School
Warm pastel colors of pinkish red on the left, sliding to warm tones of yellow in the middle and sliding towards light purple on the right. Color scheme is related to Luova Lämpiö co-research project and logo colors.

Artpreneurship Research Group

Artpreneurship research group is a team of interdisciplinary researchers focusing on bringing new knowledge on art entrepreneurship on academic and practical levels.

Department of Art and Media
Warm pastel colors of red to yellow as a background, black text in the middle saying LuovaLämpiö

Official website of Luova Lämpiö (external link)

Official website of Luova Lämpiö co-research project.

Kaksi naista tekemässä kankaisia rintamerkkejä. Kuva: Marko Oikarinen / Aalto-yliopisto

Corporate collaboration

Research collaboration strengthens expertise and future business development. New product and service ideas are created in study projects. Our campus offers an inspiring operating and networking environment. At Aalto's recruitment events, companies meet the top talents of the future.

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