Murata mentors international students in the International Talent Program

The Aalto International Talent Program brings together international students and companies. Murata has been involved since 2021 mentoring over 60 international students.
A group of students and mentors visiting Murata office.
Photo: Murata

Aalto University is an important partner for Murata. Murata participates in the International Talent Program to promote the opportunities for foreign students to stay and work in Finland after their studies.

'It is about corporate responsibility in the spirit of Murata’s philosophy. Finnish companies and the Finnish economy need foreign talent, and it is every employer’s duty to help immigrants find their permanent place in the Finnish society and working life. International students have very small networks compared to Finnish students, and they often face significant challenges in finding their place on the Finnish job market. We feel it is important to help them in this situation. We have also found several experts through the program – including doctoral students who are very important for us,' says Senior HR Manager Tuomas Nurmi.

This year, a total of 186 students participated in the program, and the groups for each participant company were formed based on the students’ preferences. Murata had a group of 10 individuals who visited Murata three times. The students were mentored by Simulation Specialist, MEMS Packaging Susanna Hurme and Validation Laboratory Manager Noora-Mari Nevalainen.

Support for job search and careers

'In the first meeting, we discussed working in Finland, heard a career story from an expert with international background, and went on a production window tour. In the second meeting, students were given tips on creating a good resume. I believe this was beneficial for many as they gained new perspectives on identifying their skills. The third meeting focused on careers in industry in Finland. Since our experience is with Murata, we introduced technical expert tasks at Murata as well as our career path system. Most of the students were studying in a doctoral program, so we also discussed more broadly about doctorate career opportunities within industry,' Hurme explains.

'Mentoring has been going really well. The students actively participated in the discussions and asked about combining work and leisure time, salaries, and the employment prospects for doctoral candidates. The students mentioned that they enjoy being in Finland and want to build their careers here. Many of them feel that the best things about Finland are its calmness, low hierarchies in the workplace, and the smooth integration of leisure time and work,' Hurme continues.

In this international student mentoring program I had the opportunity to learn about Finnish working life in English.

Mingze Yang, doctoral student, School of Chemical Engineering

'I hope that the mentees have gained ideas and encouragement from the program to help them find their place in the Finnish job market. The program is beneficial if we can play our part in keeping these individuals in Finland. Perhaps some of them will end up at Murata in the future.'

A useful experience for students

Mingze Yang is from China (in the photo, third from the right). He has been living in Finland for over three years and is studying for a PhD in chemical engineering. 'I am studying Finnish, but I do not speak it fluently yet. Company visits often happen in Finnish, but in this international student mentoring program I had the opportunity to learn about Finnish working life in English. I also received useful tips on creating an impressive resume,' Mingze says. 

'I knew Murata is a semiconductor company, but I was surprised to find out that there are job opportunities here suitable for experts in chemical engineering as well.'

Mingze hopes to find his dream job in Finland and wants to thank his mentors. 

'They were really kind and helpful. After talking with them, I am even more eager to start my career here because the work atmosphere seems nice.'

Masoud Rastgou (in the photo, first from the right) from Iran has been living in Finland for about five years. He is studying for a PhD in optical measurements at Aalto University – previously he completed a master’s degree in photonics at the University of Eastern Finland and worked as an intern at VTT Micronova.

'I hope that employers value my degree obtained here, my work experience, and research done at Aalto University, and that there are suitable career paths available for us international talents so that we can more easily contribute to the Finnish industry,' Masoud reflects. 

'The Finnish language poses its own challenges, but I aim to address the challenges that international talents may encounter when seeking employment in Finland, hoping that Finnish companies will recognize and support these efforts. In the mentoring program I have gained valuable information about company values ​​and work environment as well as differences between academic and industrial careers. Thanks to Murata’s mentors for their time and hospitality. Everything was well organized, and mentors were really friendly.'

The Aalto International Talent program will continue next fall and Murata will continue to be part of it.

Text: Kati Maillot, Murata

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