Transforming Education to Reach Global Impact

The ‘Transforming Education to Reach Global Impact’ exhibition is a compilation of various Aalto University courses, collaborative educational initiatives, and field-based workshops conducted in partnership with global partners across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America from 2017 to 2024.

The exhibition illustrates an interdisciplinary approach to education, where students from diverse academic backgrounds and cultures have actively participated in practical case studies, while educators have introduced innovative pedagogical strategies and fostered collaborations with various stakeholders.
PBL South Asia final presentation in Bhutan_photo by Matleena Muhonen 2020
Aalto ARTS Student Show visual

Aalto ARTS Student Show 2024

The Aalto ARTS Student Show brings together a selection of student projects from all over the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

SGT15 Action Lab Mexico Group reflections on the field/photo by Jan Ahlstedt

SGT Programme

Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT), organized under Water and Environmental Engineering Master's Programme, is a multidisciplinary education program that focuses on sustainable technologies, urbanization and development, to contribute to environmental, cultural, and societal impacts in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

WiT Programme

WiT Programme

Aalto WiT Programme is a 5-month transdisciplinary professional diploma programme under the Aalto University World in Transition Research LAB (WiTLAB). The programme focuses on the resilience of human settlements in low & middle-income countries.

Riina Subra

Senior Manager, Global Engagement
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