Careers at Aalto

Self-development at Aalto

Highly competent and motivated people form the foundation of Aalto’s success. We actively support the career and competence development of our staff by creating opportunities for career advancement, flexible job rotation or moving on to a parallel career.

Aalto’s core competency areas

Aalto University has identified five core competency areas crucial to Aalto’s success and the success of our people:

  1. “Working Together” – relates to living by our values, relating and networking, and working with people, and is our core competency related to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  2. “Insightful Expertise” – builds competence to better apply and share expertise, and be as data-driven as possible in our work.
  3. “Learning Agility & Creativity” – aligns with one of Aalto’s cross-cutting themes to build a radically creative community, supported by building competency around embracing change and learning agility.
  4. “Achieving Excellence” – taking initiative and accountability, how to aim high and achieve, and the competency of influencing.
  5. “Empowering leadership” – ensuring our leaders empower their people and lead with accountability.
Aalto University Summer School students doing group work on Aalto University campus.

My Dialogues – the Aalto process for self-development

“My Dialogues” is Aalto’s name for our semi-regular discussions between supervisors and their team members about goals, development and wellbeing. It is a key process for ensuring self-development is discussed and actioned.

In addition to My Dialogues, we train our supervisors to increase good leadership and management skills. Employees are our biggest assets, and we want our community to flourish.

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Low Temperature Laboratory Training. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.

Career and competence development

Aalto offers a wide variety of training and development solutions for personal and professional growth at each stage of your career.

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Language and multicultural training

Aalto offers its staff opportunities to develop their language skills and ways on how to work in a multicultural environment.

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