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Staff training

Staff training is one way to develop expertise, together with on-the-job learning and peer learning. Aalto University provides its staff many opportunities for training and professional development.
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Staff training and professional development is available for

Henkilöstön tapaaminen / kuvaaja, Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Language and multicultural training

Language training is offered for improving Finnish, English and Swedish language skills by different language courses. Read more about many opportunities such as staff training courses, Open University, Helsinki University, online courses, courses for students.

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Pedagogical training - main page

Familiarise yourself with teaching, learning and educational development.

Tiimitapaaminen / kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Training to support digital teaching

The ICT for Learning team organises training events and workshops for users of shared learning platforms and tools. MyCourses, Panopto, Turnitin, EXAM, Presemo


Training for service competence

Aalto University offers many different training opportunities for their service staff in themes such as customer service, well-being and communication skills.

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Training to support research

Aalto University offers different trainings to support the whole life-cycle of a research project as well as training for other important skills in research projects. The training courses are offered in themes such as research funding, publishing, project management, academic writing and entrepreneurship.

Nainen suunnittelee / kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Trainings and support for self-leadership and career planning

Fast-paced working life and constant change call for open and positive attitude, flexibility and problem solving skills. You can improve your ability to face work life’s challenges by developing your self leadership skills. On this page you can read more about self leadership skills, what you can accomplish by improving self leadership skills and how to improve them.

IT- ja digi-osaamisen koulutuksessa / Kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Training for IT and digital tools

Learning and updating IT and digital tools knowledge is essential for being able to respond to the changing requirements of working life. We have gathered IT instructions, IT tools and self-study materials for you to work effectively in digital platforms. Training is offered in themes such as information security, cyber security, IT news and Office 365 tools.

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Safety training

Safety training maintains skills and know-how as well as ensures response readiness in various hazardous situations. Training is offered in themes such as first aid, hot work license trainings, encountering challenging customers and other obligatory occupational safety trainings.

Henkilöstö viestintäkoulutuksessa / Kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio

Communications training

Training is offered widely in themes such as content production and situations requiring interaction skills, for example presentation and facilitation skills as well as digital media skills.


Practical procedures for participating in staff training

Aalto University offers dozens of courses and other development opportunities to its staff members every year. The training is available to all Aalto University employees. Participation is agreed upon with one’s supervisor, primarily during objective discussions.

Many Aalto units provide staff training for their own competence areas (e.g. Research and Innovation, Learning Services, IT Services, Communications Services and HR Services).

In addition to joint courses, the services arrange professional training for their own staff.

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Workday Learning (external link)

Find upcoming staff training events in Workday Learning -application

In Workday Learning you can enroll in staff training courses and other competence development opportunities. Please notice enrollment to a particular training is binding. If you cannot attend to the training, please inform of it as soon as it becomes apparent.  

It is requested that every participant provides feedback on the training they have completed. Your feedback will be used to develop our staff trainings. 

You are also able to view your completion status of your trainings in My transcripts.

Centralized staff training is mostly free for participants. Any participation fees required, are mentioned in the event page and are to be paid by the participant’s unit. 

Participation in non-Aalto training


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